Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm

When opting for lip balms that heal and soothe chapped, dry lips, I always return back to Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm. This is a super quick review about this lip balm. Here goes! 

It is encased in simple white packaging which looks classy to me. The lip balm is white in color and has a creamy but dry formula. It applies clear on the lips but also leaves behind a slight white cast though, nothing frightening but still visible. It has micro shimmer particles in it. They are not visible on the lips much but only in the stick.

I have my usual favorites and though this isn't among them, I always apply this whenever I feel my lips feeling red and sore. It is very soothing and by next morning, lips are back to normal. I usually apply it a couple more times (mostly at nights!) and wake up to healthy and healed lips by the 3rd or 4th day. 
The weather in Middle East is hot with harsh, dry winds (hence, the sore and cracked lips!) and this is a lip savior for me. The formula feels slightly dry to the lips and that is a bit off-putting but its calming properties are worth it. It also claims to contain the much raved Avene Thermal Spa Water.

Also let me clarify, it is not the *waxy* dry; it isn't waxy at all. It just has a dry formula I guess. Just not as smooth as Baby Lips or Labello/Nivea lip balms. It isn't your daily go-to lip balm but I recommend having one of these in your stash for those really bad lip days! 

Easily available at Boots (online & in stores) and in other drugstores/pharmacies.

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