Today is 9th September 2013. Yes, I know you are aware of it too. But as I sit here in front of my laptop, thinking on how to begin - to really begin a new part of my life, I wonder how this would fare. I only wonder, I do not care what would actually happen in the end. All I care about is how much fun I am going to have! 

Blogging isn't new to me and I am not worried about whether I am going to write that well or not. For me, writing is comfortable. I can make sentences upon sentences without a care in the world. It is my preferred way of speaking my thoughts, whatever that is inside me and I am so at ease while writing it out. I have passively blogged in these 8 months about my favorite passion - makeup & beauty. I love it as much as I love the hot chocolate that I'm balancing on my lap right now. I love it like I love myself.
(That's marshmallows floating on top btw!)
I love the thrill of discovering a new blush or powder. An eyeshadow palette that is just a must have! I suppose those women (and I hope there aren't too many!) and men (who just don't understand the obsession with cosmetics!) don't realize that this is exactly what is the center of our lives just as cooking and cars is, perhaps, to them.

This is a start of a new journey for me, a brand new blogging experience and I sure hope it would be fantastic. I am rediscovering myself and my passion. 

I wanted to make sure my first ever post is a little sentimental and close to my heart rather than just starting off with I dunno, maybe a review or a haul post. I want to smile at this post when I look back upon it after many, many hundreds of posts Inshaa Allaah! 
This picture is really close to my heart!
So here's to me... A Star is Born...