Bourjois Pot Blush - Tomette

Bourjois Paris has its name written down in history for its legendary pot blush. Sad to say, I bought my first Bourjois blush at the age of 21! It's like buying a prom dress when you're 50! 
I love anything orange-y coral, be it lipsticks, glosses or blushes. It brings out a lovely glow on the warm toned beauties. Initially I had plans on buying Bourjois blush in Ambre D'Or but then my mind stuck on Tomette and definitely no regrets here. 
Bourjois Pot Blushes come in a cute round pot. The casing is similar to that of the blush inside. All Bourjois blush/eyeshadow cases are tinted according to the colors inside which is admirable. It's always a big task to keep reading labels and opening the products, so this is a good way to reach for what you want when you are in a hurry. Inside, a flared tiny brush and mirror is included along with a scrap of paper giving tips on how to use the blush.

72 Tomette is a deep peachy orange blush with very fine gold shimmer. The shimmer is too miniscule to be noticed when applied to the skin and it imparts a lovely sheen instead of looking tacky! What I love about this color is the warmth is brings to the complexion. It is not too orange and has just the right amount of gold and color pigments to bring about that "sun-kissed glow". This will suit almost all skin tones. The trick is to use it with a light hand and then build up the color as much as you require. 
Bourjois Paris Pot Blush - Tomette
Lasting power is like forever. This has lasted me all day whenever I apply it and I have never had any need for touch-ups. It has a floral fragrance which is somewhere between mild and strong. It is nothing too overpowering.

This is one of those blushes that would warm you up and make you smile with healthy glowing cheeks! A must have - not because it is a different shade or cannot be duplicated, but because of its compact and cute packaging - and then of course the blush matters too!

Price: INR 575
Recommendation: Ofcourse yes! These are must-haves! Tomette is a lovely light bronzey shade and is perfect for all skin tones!
Rating: 4.5/5

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