Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick - Alarm

When you think of going bold with your pout, the first color that comes to mind is Red. Red is the epitome of sensuality yet it is classically beautiful! And when you finally pluck up the courage to brave a bold lip, you inadvertently remember Marilyn Monroe and the legacy she has created with that pout of hers. 

Finding the perfect red lipstick for that perfect red pout is a lifelong hunt which every woman is enduring. At present, I have about 5 various shades of red and yet I am still on the hunt for my perfect red lippie. Rimmel's Alarm was bought on one such whim. I loved the swatch I saw online and bought it soon after. Though it didn't turn out to be my HG, it sure is a great color to play with. 

170 Alarm is surely an alarming color. Its a bright, deep red lipstick with no shimmer and a barely there hint of yellow undertones. It has a semi-matte look; it gives matte coverage but has a slight sheen to it. Although many have deemed it as dry, I found it surprisingly moisturizing and it works even better if you've prepped your lips with balm beforehand. It smells of caramel toffee and bubblegum. I love lippies that smell yummy instead of smelling like chemicals.

Since it is "Lasting Finish", it doesn't go beyond limits to last but definitely gives up to 3-4 hours of coverage without needing to touch up (maybe a little on the center of your lips if you've eaten!). 

Although it is a bold color, it will work well with both cool/warm tones due to its neutrality. Its more on the deeper, richer side of red than the modern bright red. Classic, I say! It leaves behind a reddish tint on the lips which I like!
Now the one big problem with these lippies is their love of staining anything and everything that gets in their way. It transfers way too easily. If its strictly dinner/food party you're attending, I suggest you do the good ol' apply-blot with tissue-reapply method so that the color stays true to your lips.

Overall, these are amazing lippies to have. A steal at the price that they're offered in plus they are usually found on discount in Boots stores and online. 

Highly recommended choices: Heart Breaker, Undressed, Birthday Suit, Asia, Airy Fairy

Price: INR 250, KWD 3.950
Recommended: Highly recommended "budget" red lipstick!
Rating: 4/5

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