Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick - Undressed

I was looking for a budget-buy nude lipstick and my search finished on Rimmel London's Lasting Finish in Undressed.  The name itself is suggestive enough of what color its going to turn out and I must say I am more than happy about getting this.

Undressed is a pale peachy-beige color with no shimmer. It is the perfect nude shade for fair to medium skin tones. It may wash out dark skinned beauties but that can be easily avoided if you apply a toasty caramel color gloss on top that would make the color stand out more prominently (instead of looking like you've applied concealer, LOL).
It smells like something sweet; toffee, bubblegum and soft chewy candy type. That doesn't stay too long, in fact the smell vanishes within minutes. Although if you are very strict about your makeup being fragrance-free then this might be an issue.

"Lasting Finish" of this lipstick lasts up to 4 hours w/o eating or drinking and even so, only the color from the centre wipes off which can be taken care of if you have a gloss or lip balm with you. If you apply it on top after you've eaten, it will spread the color evenly onto your lips again. 
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Undressed
Even though the lipstick is creamy and applies smoothly, it feels slightly dry after a while. I usually apply a balm underneath and over the lipstick so I avoid this problem. 

It does tend to stain easily but that's with most drugstore lippies and personally, it isn't an issue for me. I love the color, I love the creme finish, I love the price. Overall, its a good buy for me. 

Price: INR 215, KWD 3.950
Recommendation: There are a few colors in this range that are really good. Alarm is one of them, a perfect red!
Rating: 4/5

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