Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme - Sheer Bare

I only just got introduced to Sally Hansen, with my first product being its Miracle Cure for nails. This is my second product by SH and I have NOT bought it. I actually received it in a beauty box subscription (Vellvette, India) and personally, this wouldn't be something I would buy for myself. 
First, I have plump and thick lips by normal standards and do not require any more inflation. Second, although I do love cinnamon on its own, I do not want it on my lips, literally making them tingly. 

I received the shade Sheer Bare, which is a pure nude shade with the tiniest bit of shimmer in it, hardly visible at all. The gloss is not totally sticky, but not very balm-ish either. It is something that is acceptable. 
It has a brush applicator, not the usual sponge type, and it actually applies much, much better than a sponge one. I should start hunting down more brush-applicator glosses/lipsticks now. It layers up easily and smoothly and you do not need to reapply. Lasting power w/o eating/drinking is 2 hours.

Once you apply, the lips start to tingle (yes, tingle!) for about 3-4 minutes until the spicy cinnamon extract enhances lips' natural color to appear more pinker, fuller and healthier (SH's claim). I don't know about *pinker* as its a nude gloss and I can barely see underneath to check whether my natural lip color has become pinker or not. That can only be verified with a clear gloss. 
Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme - Sheer Bare
For the fuller & healthier claim: 

1. My lips are lush and healthy, so I barely noticed a visible difference in their lip size or whether they did actually look more plump. For me, it was just the same.

2. For my sister in law (who has thin & rough lips), her lips did appear slightly full and better looking than they actually are. I won't go as far as to say they looked healthy, just mid-way till there. 

There was nothing extreme nor inflation about this lip gloss, just a spicy gloss which does enhance your lips up to a point. Don't have high expectations, please.

Price: INR 775 (6 ml)
Recommendation: Your choice, really!
Rating: 3.3/5 

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