The Body Shop - White Musk Sun Glow EDT

Before I start off with this review, I admit this is my first ever perfume/fragrance review and I personally don't know how to write one. Bear with me in my new found love!
Also, on a side note, I declare that I love musk; especially white musk. It isn't only TBS but any white musk fragrance picks my fancy. I love the original White Musk by TBS and sort of like the Libertine range (I love the white musk, but its too sweet for my taste!). So when Sun Glow was launched, I had to get it hands down. 

I came across the Limited Edition White Musk Sun Glow perfume last year on their Facebook Page. Since its LE, it is only released in summers. I never got to test it out and I forgot about it completely until this year when they relaunched again. Luckily (yes!) this time it stuck with me to check it out, and when I was in the store, I bought it without taking a whiff. I knew it was white musk, and no matter what I was anyway going to love it. 
The glass bottle is a lovely orangey-purple and I tried to photograph it well, but it just doesn't do it justice. It looks great in the sun though, doesn't it? Ah, Sun Glow!
I was wrong. I am obsessed with it now, love is just not enough. I love it even more than their original White Musk now. And no, I am not exaggerating. I guess it depends on individual preferences, but somehow I find this slightly zingy scent, much more appealing.  

I cannot possibly explain how it smells. It is definitely white musk and it claims to have lemon and peach notes in it (that makes it different from the original one). I can't smell the peach in it, but the lemony zing is noticeable so is the woody amber. There is a hint of floral too and much too much White Musk, ofcourse.

When you take a whiff, it actually feels summery. I didn't know fragrance can actually be categorized by seasons because I use any and every perfume throughout the year. But this has changed my opinion. This is definitely for summer and its crisp light. It doesn't make you wrinkle your nose or make you dizzy. Its very light, fresh, clean and simple. That's all I can sum it up with.  

And all good things are too good to be true, right? This doesn't last very long; or more like, it lasts long but is too mild to be noticed after a few hours. It is a soft fragrance and it does stay on for about 3-4 hours after which it fades to a light, barely-there scent. I love it only because of its mild and soft notes. 

I am glad I got it in time and it would be fantastic if its brought in as a collection. At the moment there is only the EDT and the Body Puree. I hope they bring in more products by Sun Glow. Its a musky Love!

Price: KWD 7.000
Recommendation: Yes, definitely! If you're a fan of elegant feminine scents and if white musk happens to be your favorite, you would highly like this!
Rating: 4.8/5

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