Blogger Tips: How to change the Blog's Favicon

As I sit here, trying to come up with another "beauty" post that I feel I should share with you, I wonder why not try something else. Blogging has been one of the best things I have done in all these months, but there have been days when I have had to literally wonder "How the heck would I do that?". So, I decided I might as well do a post now and then whenever I come across something about Blogger and some simple tips that we all can do to make our blog look/feel unique!
For this post, I want to share how we can design and change our own personal favicon. Favicon basically means Favorite Icon and it is that little square icon that you see beside the name of the website/blog on the browser's tab. As default, all Blogger blogs have the Blogger icon; a bright orange background with a white 'B' in it.

When I noticed that some blogs I visited had different icons while some had the same B (including mine) - I did not like that. I know some people hardly have issues with such tiny stuff like an icon but I did. Why can't I do something like that? And some blogs have done it, somehow! So I should have my own icon too. YES.

Thus my search led me to Google (ofcourse!) and I typed some random phrase like "how do you change the design on the tab". Know this, at that time, I didn't even know that it was called a Favicon (no, I'm not a web geek), so I typed rubbish stuff but Google seemed to understand me (so Googlish of it!) until I came across some relevant sites. 

Of all those, I found > Favicon < to be the best. You can design a basic and simple favicon for yourself online and then save it to your desktop. It also allows you to upload a picture you already like and makes a mini favicon version of it which you can later save. Also note, this application saves the file type to (.ico) which is the actual icon type. But now Blogger has been redesigned and accepts only a (.jpg) or (.png) file. So once you save it to your desktop, rename it and change its file type to a (.jpg/.png) file. 

Once you are all set with what is going to be your personal icon, go to your blog's Dashboard:

1. Blogger Dashboard - Click "Layout".
2. Click "Edit" on the Favicon Box. (As you can see, its set to the typical orange Blogger icon by default).

Once a pop up window opens:

3. Click "Browse" and upload your saved/selected file from the laptop/PC.
4. Click "Save". You're done!

One thing to keep in mind, you won't immediately see the icon change on your browser tab (even if you refresh it several times). That is because it has kept a cached copy of the icon. It might take a day for the icon to change by itself. Or if you are in a hurry to see that it has really taken effect, clear your browser's cookies and browsing history. Once the previous copies are erased, when you open up your blog on a fresh window, you will see it shows the uploaded Favicon beside your blog name. 

Hope you find this helpful. Good Luck on your blog! :)