BLOGGER TIPS | Add Pinterest Button on Blog's Images

Another thing I always wanted since I started blogging was being able to maximize the potential for my blog. And what better way to showcase your writing and your talent by way of pictures? A picture speaks a thousand words, isn't that the saying? We all click fab pictures for any of our posts, and people do see them when they come across it. But is that enough to get attention and views?
To be able to show them off, social media comes in very handy. I personally just LOVE Pinterest. I find everything I ever wanted to try - especially DIY Crafts & Recipes. Those pictures are so fantastic, I almost always end up visiting the site to check out the full post. Thus, the same formula had to be applied for my blog. I wanted my pictures out there to garner more views.
And I finally stumbled upon this: The Pinterest Hover Button. When you hover your cursor to any image on your blog, a small "Pin It" icon appears which can be clicked to pin that image to Pinterest (You can even try that on the images in this post!). People will pin your image if they find it useful. And whoever checks it out at Pinterest may end up visiting the blog. You know the works, right! That is all very cool but its a teeny bit technical. 

Follow these simple steps and you'll get this done in minutes.  

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard - Click "Template".
2. Click "Edit HTML".

A lot of technical writing appears, just scroll way, way down until you reach almost the end:

3. Find </body>. 
4. Copy this code* and Paste it just above the </body> tag. (as shown in pic *text highlighted*).
5. Click "Save". 

Ta-da! You are done. This is pretty easy to do but if you still find problems, drop in a comment and I'll be happy to help in any way I can. Also, you can check out the original post by Pinterest Official here for more help.

Hope you find this useful! Good Luck on your Blog! :)


<script type="text/javascript" data-pin-hover="true" src="//"></script>