Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish - Absinto

When its green, I am in love. I am a die-hard Greenie. From rich & deep to the palest green, no matter what it is, I love it. When I came across Maybelline's Colorama Nail Color in Absinto, I immediately wanted it. And I had good reason. I didn't have a pastel green nail color. Isn't that reason enough? Yes it is! 
Absinto* is a pastel mint-green nail color with very minute green and gold glitter. It is hardly visible but adds a glossy sheen when captured on camera. I only realized it has glitter in it after close inspection, I had initially thought it was just pure glossy color. 

Even though Absinto has a *Cremoso* finish (meaning it has a creamy formula, not runny and sheer) I still needed two coats to get an even color onto my nails. Lasting power of these nail colors are about a week (yes!) with a strong top coat. At the most, you might feel the ends of the nails feeling worn off (due to constant work - washing, cooking etc, but that's just me I guess!) but no excessive chipping occurs even then. I think its great as they come off so cheap! 

In daylight, the color looks more rich! Love! - Maybelline Colorama Nail Color Absinto

The pictures above are of the second day, with base and top coat included. The nail color itself was intensely glossy but I still applied a top coat out of habit. 

I love the color, it is not a color you might sport every other day since its not the usual pinks, reds and corals but it is definitely hatke (something different than usual) and worth it.

Price: INR 100 
Recommendation: Maybelline's Colorama is a good range, I personally love the Cremoso finish by it. 
Rating: 4/5
* I don't know what Absinto means actually. Has anybody Googled it? I know I can do that now too instead of typing here like an idiot, but that's just me being me! Lazy :)

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