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Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye liner Pencils
Colorful eyeliner pencils have been my newest love. Until recently, I only used a simple black eye liner pencil and that too rarely (I'm a Gel Liner fan!). It was only a few months back that I saw these amazing pencils and their super amazing price that I decided I might as well hoard them even if I may not use/like them later. But that didn't happen, as I love them more each day! 

I got the shades Purple Passion, Sable Brown & Jungle Green. Being a Green lover, I am biased towards Jungle Green and then Sable Brown is my favorite. I do like Purple Passion but I don't use it as much as these two.

Jungle Green is a deep sea green color (almost teal) with very little shimmer, applies opaque in one swipe and is very pigmented. Sable Brown is a mild chocolatey brown color having the deepest pigmentation out of these three and it shows up nicely for a brown smoky eye. Purple Passion is a plummy purple color with high pigmentation. 

There is absolutely no tugging involved, they swipe on easily and are comfortable to use even on the water line. There is no smudging unless you're into wiping/rubbing your eyes frequently, LOL. I cannot comment on the smudge as the liners have stayed put as they are all day without any creasing or smudging despite having oily lids.

These are wooden pencils so in the age of twist-up ones which require no sharpening, these might be too dated for some but I don't mind sharpening them when needed as they are worth it for their amazing price; its only INR 145 which is fantastic because you can try an array of colors without breaking the bank.

Price: INR 145
Recommendation: They are good for the price they are offered with many colors.
Rating: 4/5

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