Friday, November 29, 2013

I Love... Strawberry Face Mask

I came across the brand I Love... a few months back. I had received a shower gel from this brand in an Indian beauty box subscription (Vellvette) which had turned out quite nice. Recently I wanted some travel sized sachets of masks for on-the-go treatments and when I discovered these at their website, even though peel offs aren't my choice, I decided to grab a few. They are super handy when you don't want to take the rinsing routine; just peel 'em off once done. Here's my take on these strawberry flavored masks! 
Each sachet is decently sized (15ml) and can be used for the entire face and neck at one go. I only target my cheeks, chin and forehead steering clear of hairline and side-locks and they pull the fine hair over there and it really hurts. Like crazy. Thus, I use each sachet twice.

The mask is of a clear gel like texture and smells strongly of strawberry but the scent is artificial (ofcourse!). It has a good consistency and spreads evenly. There is no irritation and itching and feels very cool on the skin. 
Once it dries, I just peel it off and my skin is tingly cool and extremely soft. I haven't seen some visible dramatic changes in my skin whenever I have used it except that my skin feels very soft and smooth to touch, more like I've had a good scrubbing done. It obviously doesn't claim anything more anyways (deep cleans, refreshes skin & removes dead skin cells are its claims), so the point is - yes it is definitely a good mask when you are out traveling and you don't need to carry bottles and tubes. 

I am not disappointed with the product but neither am I head over heels in love with it. I'd love to try more flavors and variants if there are any. Would I repurchase? I might keep a couple of them as its handy. 
Price: INR 150 (Vellvette website)
Recommendation: A decent product, nothing special! 
Rating: 3/5

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