Sunday, December 1, 2013

Revlon CustomEyes Eye Shadow & Liner Palette - Naturally Glamorous

Revlon CustomEyes Palette - Naturally Glamorous

I love eyeshadow palettes because they are so much easier to carry. I personally do not try out bright & poppy shades on my eyes and lean mostly towards neutral, acceptable and natural colors. So obviously the name "Naturally Glamorous" had to tickle my fancy! 
So far, I have only this palette from the CustomEyes range. Naturally Glamorous boasts of 4 eyeshadow colors and one liner color.  They are supremely pigmented and are fairly in coordination with each other. They are potted one beside the other and not in separate compartments (is that good or bad?! I can't tell!). Also, there are cute quilted patterns designed over it. When I first bought it, I refused to touch it for days because the pattern will wipe off but I just had to do it one day, haha. 

A little description (Left to Right):

1. Greyish black color, least pigmented of the lot. Has golden glitter which isn't tacky. To be used as a liner shade. Best used with wet brush. (swatched wet)

2. Deep Golden Bronze color, extremely pigmented and works great as a crease and accent shade. Has finely milled golden shimmer that looks more like a sheen when applied. 

3. Creamy Champagne color with good pigmentation. Has silver/golden shimmer which is very fine. Works great as a highlighter shade and for easing out the crease color. (Looks white in the swatch on my forearm I dunno why, LOL).

4. Copper/Rust color with fab pigmentation. It is quite similar to the bronzey shade but has a reddish tint to it. Works great for crease. 

5. Shimmery taupe-brown color. Very good all-over lid color. Great pigmentation. My favorite among all.

The colors are very mild and neutral although I would have preferred one more lighter shade along with the creamy one. Its like there are 4 dark shades with just one base color. Lasting power is around 5-6 hours with primer. After that a little creasing occurs (maybe that is because I have oily lids!). I use them dry mostly but its best to use the grey-black with a wet brush as that holds more product. 

I love having this palette as its compact, travel friendly and can be used for a variety of neutral/natural looks. One of my favorites!

Price: INR 695
Recommendation: The colors are fantastic, the pigmentation superb and the price - pocket friendly. Highly recommended!
Rating: 4.5/5

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