The Body Shop Love Gloss - Blush Pink

Lately I have been hooked with a recent purchase of mine - TBS Lip Gloss in 004 Blush Pink. Lip glosses aren't exactly my thing; I am more of a "tinted-lip-balm" girl but these days I am bindaas splurging on lipsticks and lip glosses without thinking. 
I have rarely tried any cosmetic product by TBS, I haunt it mostly for its perfumes and body-care stuff so Blush Pink was a pleasant discovery.

When you see the gloss tube, you wouldn't call it pink in any way. And on my lips too it hardly shows up as pink! It is more of a perfect peachy-brown nude shade with no shimmer or glitter. There are little hearts all around the tube and it has a so-called heart-shaped applicator wand too! To me, it looks more like a tear-drop shape, LOL. The consistency of the gloss is thick and it applies opaque in one swipe; so much that I believe it could be a cross between a lipstick and a gloss. The texture is not sticky or glue-y, however. This was my major issue as I usually stay away from glosses because they are just so damn icky-sticky
Love Gloss - Blush Pink
On the swatch, you can notice a very light undertone of pink; I believe that it has been aptly named Blush Pink because you get a very subtle shade of blushy blushy pink (it gets lost on me somehow, boo!). I guess it may show up differently depending on your natural lip color. 
Lasting power is around 2-3 hours and even less so if you eat/drink. But that's an issue with any gloss and I have no qualms about touch-ups so that's fine with me. The packaging is travel friendly as well. I want to check out other shades especially one called Fuschia Flush now that this has been a hit with me.
Price: KWD 4.000 (TBS Stores)
Recommendation: I wouldn't say no to this range as I get good color pigmentation sans the stickiness.
Rating: 4/5

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