SKINCARE | LUSH Herbalism Facial Cleanser

What's a great brand to try if you want to go all natural and preservative-free? Its LUSH, without doubt. I'm a crazy Aqua Marina fan; its an amazing cleanser and really does make skin smoother and calm. But before I ramble more about it, let's talk of Herbalism, the star of this post!

Herbalism is yet another one of their fantastic cleansers, I only just got it a few weeks ago and I am loving my skin every single day now. It is a bright green paste with the goodness of crushed almonds, rosemary, vinegar, rice bran and nettle. I don't care much for the ingredients usually unless its some miracle worker for my acne-prone skin. However, this combo is, by far, the best I have tried. 
On the first use itself, I noticed my skin being considerably softer and smooth. Its been a few weeks now and I have much clearer skin than what I had before. Its smooth, glowing and free from any redness or acne. I suffer from mild cystic acne at times and its usually more aggravated when I use heavy makeup. Herbalism has become a life saver at all times now. I don't have to fear any bout of fresh acne anymore, Alhumdulillaah.

I have to admit it smells funky though. Its not eww but its not very good either. I've gotten used to it by now though. The paste is very grainy and helps in gentle exfoliation without troubling the skin. There is no extreme dryness after use but it gives a nice squeaky clean feeling. It is better to be careful about your hairline though, sometimes the particles just get stuck there, but that could just be me, of course.

Overall, it is a great everyday cleanser. It basically keeps my troubled skin under control which is what I want from any product that I use anyway, so I am hooked onto this. Just wondering if I should try Angels on Bare Skin as well, only for experimenting? If it doesn't work out with my skin, I can always return back to Herbalism! What's your favorite LUSH cleanser and why?
Price: KWD 4.750
Recommendation: YES YES YES for acne-prone oily skin!
Rating: 4.8/5

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