BEAUTY | Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara

Dramatic eyelashes are a dream! If any one would ask me what is the one makeup product I would want to have all my life, it is The Mascara. I just can't imagine a life without a mascara. I must have tried numerous brands just for the fun of having a different colored tube and a different mascara wand! Maybelline is my most favorite drugstore brand and I tend to try almost all of its products, some were hits and a fair few of them were big mishits! But this one, The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara, was a total hit. I just love it, top to bottom!

First and foremost, I want to announce that I just love this mascara wand! It is the most dense-est and fattest one I have used till date and there are just so many bristles! No wonder it works so well on the lashes. I do like the Falsies but I always come back to this, I dunno why. The mascara comes in a fat bright yellow tube with purple lettering (aqua blue for waterproof version) which looks too garish but MNY tends to go overboard with its packaging anyway.
The formula isn't too thick nor too runny, it is very creamy in fact (not gooey at all!) and application is super smooth. It has a slight synthetic rose smell. The lashes are enhanced dramatically with just one coat of mascara itself, although I prefer a second coat for nighttime. One coat is enough for a daytime casual look. There is no smudging or clumping. Quantity wise, it will last long enough (upto 45 days if applied EVERYDAY!)**
Overall, it is a fantastic product - gives enhanced lashes; perfect combo of volume and definition.  The price is pocket-friendly as well! The "Smoky Eyes" version is no different from the original, I guess its just an extra addition for the Middle East range.
**Used twice daily for 1 and half months. One coat.
Price: KWD 3.500, INR 350 
Recommendation: Most definitely! 
Rating: 5/5 

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