SKINCARE | LUSH Fresh Face Mask - Cosmetic Warrior

For someone like me, waking up to find a shiny bumpy zit on the face every single day is nothing new. In fact, the wonder (or rather disgust) has totally worn off. It has now become something to just sigh and accept. I may have tried countless acne-fighting products from such a vast variety that's available hoping I would find an HG product which would take away all my acne-related problems. Alas, no such luck. 

But there are a few products in my stash that really help in keeping my acne under control. One such is LUSH's Cosmetic Warrior face mask. It has the goodness of raw garlic and tea tree oil which are proven acne fighting ingredients. Add in an all-rounder like honey and you are good to go. Fortunately all these ingredients suit my sensitive skin. 

Its texture is slightly gooey yet spreads easily and it has small pieces of garlic in it that cling to the skin when applied. Me being me, I purposely stick any straying pieces to specific zits hoping it will be more effective. Although I have to warn you of its smell. It is very strong and stings the nose. For those who can't stand strong tea-tree/medicinal type scents, you'll have to skip this. I tend to tolerate anything as long as it benefits me in any way be it for hair or skin so I'm fine with it.

Whenever I have applied Cosmetic Warrior (I always apply it whenever there's a fresh wave of breakouts all over my face!), it has dramatically reduced the redness in just one application. Continuous application for three days straight and my face is clearer with no redness and scars. It dries up the oncoming acne/pimples effectively.

There is one side effect though, it does make the skin feel dry (which can be bad as it will accelerate the production of oil on the face) but I apply a light moisturizer immediately after washing off so that's taken care of. 

Cosmetic Warrior really is a knight (in matte black tub?) who helps us damsels in distress by waging a war against those acne baddies. It is one of my absolute skincare staples. One tub lasts me a little over a month as I alternate between a Warrior and other masks. The validity for each tub is 3 weeks and it is to be kept in the fridge at all times, but I've never had any issues even though I have gone over a month while using it. 

One 75gm tub retails at KWD 4.500 and is easily available at LUSH stores and online (

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