Thursday, May 22, 2014

SKINCARE | The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask

Today is yet another day when I am reviewing a TBS gem that I discovered a few months back. The name TBS Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask is quite a mouthful and so is its deliverance. This is a "sink-in" mask as the name suggests and is to be applied so that it sinks into the skin to hydrate it from deep within. Call it what you may but this is some seriously yummy food for skin that's dehydrated and needs extra care. The mask comes in a standard twist-lid tub and has a pretty light pink color. To me, it smells of my Grandma. And also like the original moisturizer by Nivea. The scent is nothing new and I feel like I have smelt it a hundred times before. The texture, however is a cross between a cream and jelly, and applies like a dream.

Apply a generous layer over your face & neck, and then relax back to watch some TV while the mask does its work. It gives a cool sensation for a few minutes and you can actually feel the skin drinking up the cream. During the few initial uses that I had this on, I used to think the longer I kept it, the softer and more moisturized my skin will be. But somehow I used to feel a little warm (warning signal?) all over my skin after a while. It never reacted badly with my skin though. The mask doesn't dry but stays as it is like a cream, and so I wash off after a while although it is your choice - you can blend it into the skin or just wipe it with tissue after you are done.

I have come across some negative reviews about the mask, some saying that it made their skin red and inflamed. That's surprising because it has never broken me out nor made my skin red/itchy whatsoever. In fact, I am mightily pleased with the way it makes my skin amazingly soft and supple. It looks healthy and intensely hydrated. Whenever I use this mask, I don't feel the need for moisturizer for an entire day, my skin is that good on its own. I would highly recommend this to those who complain of dry skin or those with parched, dehydrated skin that needs a good dose of intense moisture.

Vitamin E Sink-in Mask retails at KWD 3.000 at all TBS Stores. 
Price in India: INR 1195

Thursday, May 15, 2014

BEAUTY | YSL Rouge Volupte Shine - 14 Corail in Touch

How could I deny myself the absolute luxury? There had to come a time when I would give in and lay my eager hands on a YSL lippie and so it did. It was initially a perfume spree that I was on but my over-excited eyes popped looking at the testers on the YSL counter in Debenhams. I just had to swatch some. And when you start on the swatching, you end up buying at least one product for sure! The shade I couldn't resist was #14 Corail in Touch. Springtime and no coral? Hah, impossible. It was the perfect moment and the perfect shade. 

Corail in Touch is from the Rouge Volupte Shine range which lends an aqua effect - meaning it looks glossy and has a wet look when applied. It is a lovely orangey coral in the tube but is quite sheer when applied; a peachy-coral with barely there hints of pink and absolutely no shimmer/glitter. It builds up to medium opacity and has great texture. Its silk, I tell you, its SILK. You can hardly feel you have put something on. Besides being ultra-moisturizing, it applies sheer and those who are afraid to pack on a high intensity color can heave a sigh of relief. This gives the perfect amount of gloss and color to the lips without being overdone. It smells peachy, like seriously a plump juicy peach!

I may have tried many lip colors over the years but I officially announce this shade to be my best ever. Not because its YSL, no. It is the color that I am digging. It is my shade, the color that I am most comfortable to wear any day. And I dunno how long I'll take to finish this tube, but this shade is one that I am going to restock all my life. I do hope YSL never decides to discontinue it, never ever. 

About its longevity, I'd say its better not to expect a lot from it since its only giving you light coverage. I'll give it up to 3 hours of wear as I have tried it on many different days. No application has lasted me over 3 hours. I have had to reapply but I can hardly complain. Who wouldn't want to show off a YSL lippie with such stunning packaging again and again? The glossy effect wears off after a while though but it leaves behind a pretty stain. No doubt one of my best purchases ever.

Rouge Volupte Shine retails at KWD 14.500 in YSL counters in Debenhams and Harvey Nichols. 
Price in India: INR 1900 (although availability is sometimes an issue).

Saturday, May 3, 2014

FRAGRANCE | The Body Shop - Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist

While I was on a TBS spree a few weeks ago, I picked up the Indian Night Jasmine mist. It is one of the EDTs launched a couple of years ago under the "Scents of the World" range. I had never tried this one before, it smelled decent when I tested it in stores but I never got around to actually purchasing it. This time I wanted to deviate from my usual musks and Love etc so this pretty purchase happened. And boy am I glad! 

This is such a light floral scent with hints of sandalwood which makes it oriental and exotic at the same time. On spraying, you get a clear whiff of orange blossoms and jasmine but it isn't heady or overly obtrusive (as jasmines usually are) but is more of a gentler and lush version of it. There is a great dose of sandalwood and neroli in it which might be bothersome to those who were looking for a stronger jasmine scent. It has the right amount of sweetness and is a lovely floral altogether.

I'd say this lasts around 4-5 hours on me after which it dries down to a very mild creamy scent, barely noticeable yet still lingering. All in all, its a great offering - perfect notes, appropriate sillage and great price.

Ideal for all seasons, I highly recommend anybody wanting a mild and lovely scent. This one usually reminds me of daytime strolls and sun warming your back while you carry your shopping bags in one hand and a cool drink in another. With summer approaching fast enough, this is the perfect time for a delicate & pretty bottle of Indian Night Jasmine. You won't regret it!

Indian Night Jasmine retails at KWD 5.500 (100ml) at all The Body Shop stores across Kuwait.
Price in India: INR 995 (100ml)