FRAGRANCE | The Body Shop - Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist

While I was on a TBS spree a few weeks ago, I picked up the Indian Night Jasmine mist. It is one of the EDTs launched a couple of years ago under the "Scents of the World" range. I had never tried this one before, it smelled decent when I tested it in stores but I never got around to actually purchasing it. This time I wanted to deviate from my usual musks and Love etc so this pretty purchase happened. And boy am I glad! 

This is such a light floral scent with hints of sandalwood which makes it oriental and exotic at the same time. On spraying, you get a clear whiff of orange blossoms and jasmine but it isn't heady or overly obtrusive (as jasmines usually are) but is more of a gentler and lush version of it. There is a great dose of sandalwood and neroli in it which might be bothersome to those who were looking for a stronger jasmine scent. It has the right amount of sweetness and is a lovely floral altogether.

I'd say this lasts around 4-5 hours on me after which it dries down to a very mild creamy scent, barely noticeable yet still lingering. All in all, its a great offering - perfect notes, appropriate sillage and great price.

Ideal for all seasons, I highly recommend anybody wanting a mild and lovely scent. This one usually reminds me of daytime strolls and sun warming your back while you carry your shopping bags in one hand and a cool drink in another. With summer approaching fast enough, this is the perfect time for a delicate & pretty bottle of Indian Night Jasmine. You won't regret it!

Indian Night Jasmine retails at KWD 5.500 (100ml) at all The Body Shop stores across Kuwait.
Price in India: INR 995 (100ml)

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