BEAUTY | Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream - Rose Beige

There's no denying that Bourjois pumps out awesome products every single year (Rouge Velvets!). And they are bang on about this amazing thing too. I recently picked up the CC cream from their 123 Perfect range. This CC cream was launched along with a liquid pen-type concealer and this duo has been a favorite all over the world since their launch. Why, you say? 

Well, for starters its the 3 color deal. It claims to have 3 different color pigments namely green, apricot and white which combat redness, paleness/fatigue and dark spots respectively. This itself sounds too good to be true, right? Who wouldn't want a miracle product erasing all signs of dullness and spots to give a flawless finish? So does it deliver its promise?

Yes it does! Overall my skin has been behaving a lot nicely so I haven't got much to report on acne or redness. But boy does it give a clean and flawless look! The cream itself is quite runny and the first time was messy because I couldn't figure out how much I would require and so pumped out more product than needed. Overtime I realized that very little is needed for full-face application and it blends seamlessly without much fuss. It doesn't dry out quickly so there is enough time to work it into the skin. There is no sign of dullness or spots anywhere on the face and it gives a fresh glowing look instantly. The finish is matte yet dewy and won't look too bad even if you have oily skin. However I must inform that this gives light to medium coverage and it won't be suited for those who require heavier coverage.

Lasting power is fantastic, I have crossed an entire 8 hour mark without my makeup fading and I'm quite impressed. Although such long lasting claim needs testifying in the intense summer heat too so I hope it works equally well now that summer's started. It fared fairly well till now with 4 hours of coverage after which I needed to dab some finishing powder on my T-zone. At the moment I have the shade 33 - Rose Beige which is a tad bit darker than my actual skin tone but I picked this up as you should always go a shade darker in summer. It's barely noticeable anyway but I'll probably go for shade 32 - Beige Clair during winter. A definite repurchase for me.

With the bout of BB/CC creams lately, it is hard to decide which one to go for. Two thumbs up on this one if you are looking for a mild coverage everyday cream! You will love the difference, or rather the enhancement it brings to your skin. 

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream retails at KWD 4.500 at all Bourjois counters in Lifestyle, Boots, and VaVaVoom stores. 

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