BEAUTY | NYX Eye Shadow Base - Skin Tone

Wearing an eye shadow base certainly has its benefits. The colors appear more vibrant, do not crease, last longer and altogether make sure you are pulling off an amazing eye look throughout the day/night. While hunting down some primers and bases specifically for eyes, I realized I hadn't tried the infamous NYX base ever. And there were modest reviews about all the three variants. The white base gave a boost to make the eye shadows look more vibrant, the pearly base gave off a satin sheen to the eye shadows and the skin tone basically neutralized any dark patch or veining.

I immediately zeroed in on the Skin Tone base because I have very visible veining on my eyelid and anything that hid it was a hit with me. Coming to its texture, it is mildly creamy but needs to be blended out fast otherwise it settles and may look patchy in some places. It hides the imperfections very well so you have a clean flawless base to work upon. Although, if you're one of the paler lot, this will look orangey on you.

The eye shadows are beautifully blended out and look naturally bright. All this within the first one or two hours only because after that, there is creasing. A lot of creasing. And for those who have oily and mobile eyelids (me, sigh!), this is a big no-go. So, even though I am satisfied with the way it brings out my eye shadow colors, it is practically of no use if the whole look is messed up within a few hours.

I am so disappointed that this isn't working out for me. I have tried many methods to make the base last longer. I have powdered the base and then applied eye shadows over it, I have even layered the base (silly of me!) but that made it worse! So if you're one who has normal or dry skin, you can easily come to love the product. It definitely works great and is an overall good product. 

Prices vary from store to store and it is usually available on discount.

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