Thursday, December 17, 2015

Soap & Glory | Solar Powder

Soap & Glory Solar Powder  
Soap & Glory Solar Powder (in sunlight)
When Sal from UmmBaby Beauty continuously posts beautiful, lustful pictures of "not really needed but still wanted" products, you have no choice but to give in and make a sneaky Soap & Glory purchase. 

The S&G makeup range is quite limited in Kuwait, and the only standout for me was Solar Powder amongst mostly brow products. It is a universally flattering bronzer with two shades side by side. It has a raised S&G logo with pink overspray that goes off within a single swipe (what a waste!). The lighter shade is more pigmented of the two, has the tiniest hint of shimmer to it that translates into a beautiful sheen onto the skin. No glitterball face at all. The darker shade is matte with great pigmentation. 
Soap & Glory Solar Powder 
Soap & Glory Solar Powder 
The powder comes in cardboard packaging (that's what I have) but now they've released it in plastic. I think plastic is more reliable as mine has become very messy now. The powder itself is extremely fine and soft. Both shades apply with very little fallout.

Since I am not a crazy contour girl, I like the way the dark matte shade subtly defines my cheeks to make them look more angular. (I am round faced btw).  It looks nothing like those harsh contours that you see on Instagram 'celebs', but like a face that's been loving the sun. The color isn't too dark on my skin and adds enough depth to the hollow under my cheeks without looking fake. The lighter shade is great for blending outwards from the dark one so that it shows a gradient-like effect on the cheek. Since it has a bit of golden shimmer, it doubles up as a subtle tan blush. If you use both mixed together on the jawline and on the forehead, it helps to add some color back to the face.

Totally recommended, unless you hate having shimmer in your bronzer.  

Priced at KWD 5.750 from Boots.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

H&M Beauty - Smokey Nudes Eye Colour Palette

When I first saw pictures of the revamped H&M Beauty collection, I was stunned. That packaging was as classy and posh as any other high-end brand. Sleek black & white with gold trims, who wouldn't love it right? When the new collection finally made way into our local H&M's in Kuwait, I couldn't even take in all of its beauty - it was even better to look at in person. Though I wanted to buy everything all at once, I controlled myself and zoomed in onto a couple of products that definitely looked promising. A compact eyeshadow palette was my first pick.
H&M Beauty - Smokey Nudes 
H&M Beauty - Smokey Nudes
To begin with, how stunning is the packaging of the palette? It looks SO beautiful as is but sadly leaves behind horrible fingerprints onto its pristine black lid. Nevertheless, it has 9 shades of nude-beige eye shadows that compliment each other nicely. 

There's a single shimmery champagne shade which is just that - shimmery. It has no powdery pigment at all - just chunky glitter. I assume its sole purpose is to be applied on top of your created eye look to oomph up the glam factor. It will sizzle up any boring look in my opinion. Then there are three satin shades that are great for overall lid application. A pretty off white with silver shimmer, a pale copper and a satiny soft brown. They are all decently pigmented.
H&M Beauty - Smokey Nudes swatches
Finally we have the five mattes of the lot. I don't even have any words for the lightest white and the black shade. I must have tried to swatch it on top of each other for over 10 times to even get it to show up on my hand. The other three are again good. There is a cool beige, another beige-brown and a rich chocolate brown. The brown is the most pigmented shade in the palette. 

I swatched them all without primer to show their "true colors" to you, LOL. They definitely apply much more vibrantly when a used over a primer. Their texture is powdery soft and have very little fall-out by the way. I'm actually surprised by this because I assumed this would have major fall-out. I also like how they've included a leaflet that helps you create your preferred choice of an eye look. I tried both of them with a few modifications for my eye shape and they turned out amazing.

The palette is decent and well worth the purchase, especially for beginners who are on a budget. The shades are moderately pigmented and give 3-4 hour longevity without any creasing (with primer). These palettes are priced at KWD 4.9 in Kuwait which I think is great value for money. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

NYKAA | Pastel Nail Enamel Collection

When Nykaa announced that it was launching it own nail polish collection, I was like - so what? No big deal. It was only until I saw a shade which was pretty much perfect for Fall/Autumn that I even bothered to look at the new launch. And then happened a few more pretty colors making up my entire order in no time. So let's talk Nykaa Nails today!

Basic info: Nykaa has 3 different ranges in its nail polish collection namely Pastel, Pop and Shimmer. 

I picked up 4 shades from its pastel range and now we'll admire their beauty in the picture below!
Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection (L-R): Rose Sherbet, Marsala Chai, Lychee Delight, Cotton Candy
Coming to the shades itself, first up we have "Lychee Delight" which is a cool, winter-ish 'more-white-than-grey' grey. Although it wouldn't be my "everyday, anyday" pick, it is definitely a color I like. Then we have a bright barbie pink or lets call it by its actual name "Cotton Candy" pink. Very pretty, very cool-toned and very spring-y. And finally comes my favorite pick of the lot - a warm mid-tone pink with visible brown/burgundy undertones. Rose Sherbet is gorgeous and a must-buy. Rounding up the collection with the first shade I laid my eyes upon - Marsala Chai. It is a perfect wine-brown. It looks elegant against a black outfit! What do I say? It screams Autumn for me. I had to get it.
Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection: Lychee Delight (left), Cotton Candy (right)

Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection: Rose Sherbet (left), Marsala Chai (right)
Speaking of how they actually are in their goods and bads. They are 5-free, have a gel like consistency (me likes!) and thick texture. Except for Lychee Delight, which streaked a bit, all others gave an even and opaque color in one coat. But out of habit, I have two coats on in all the swatches! Nykaa also says that its not tested on animals (great!) and is not having any animal-derived ingredients. None of the colors gave me any staining afterwards either. 

Basically, I have nothing bad to say about these pretties. The color collection is versatile, and everyone will have a shade they'd love. I cannot vouch for the other shades that I didn't buy (yet!) as they may streak a tiny bit like Lychee Delight. They are definitely pricey (INR 150) than Maybelline's Colorama range but I see a lot of colors in the range that are unique so definitely give them a browse. Marsala Chai & Rose Sherbet are highly recommended.

Available at

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Syoss | Anti Hair Fall Fiber Resist 95

Syoss Anti-Hair Fall Fiber Resist 95 

Syoss Anti-Hair Fall Fiber Resist 95 
I had the chance to try Syoss' new innovation, their Anti Hair Fall Fiber Resist 95 range which claims to reduce hair fall (caused due to breakage) by up to 95%. I got the set of shampoo & conditioner to test it for myself as my hair is extremely dull and limp and breaks easily. So how did Syoss fare? Let's find out!

The shampoo is rich, and foams up luxuriously so very little is needed for my mid-length hair, like about a tablespoon suffices for a thorough wash. It is basic and I don't have any complaints. The star of the show, however, is the Anti-Hair Fall Fiber Resist 95 Conditioner. It is a creamy white conditioner, and feels really silky to the touch. I love how soft and smooth it makes my hair, and with this too only a small amount is required to coat the hair strands well. Once I rinse off, my hair has never looked healthier. It is much easier to de-tangle which obviously means less breakage and less hair fall. I did see lesser hair in my hair brush and when I run my fingers through my hair so it has been a good month. With the extremely hot and dry climate of Kuwait, it is very difficult to tame the frizz and this has been a boon.

I've used this combo for over a month now, twice a week and I've found a decent reduction in my hair fall. I wouldn't go as far as to say "95%"  because that'd be a downright lie but if I had to put a number on it, I'd definitely go with 50%. Also, if I use just the shampoo and no conditioner, my hair isn't as smooth. So the conclusion is: there is a definite reduction in hair fall. The shampoo is decent at best. The conditioner is fantastic. This combo pack (500ml each) is budget friendly and will last you a good 3-4 months. An affordable drugstore buy!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bourjois | Air MAT foundation - 02 Vanilla

Air MAT foundation - Vanilla
Air MAT foundation - Vanilla
Having never tried a matte-finish foundation before, I knew sooner or later I'd be getting my hands on one. So when Bourjois released its Air MAT foundation claiming air-light, seamless coverage with a flawless matte finish, it wasn't long before I grabbed one too. 

The shade that closely matched my skin tone was 02 Vanilla, which is a balanced neutral shade and will suit all undertones. The shade is a touch lighter for my skin, nothing blatantly visible and I make it work perfectly for me with a clever play of bronzer all over the high points of my face. 

The texture is light and easy to blend but it does tend to dry out fast. You really have to work the foundation quickly into the skin to avoid having a patchy finish. The result is obviously a beautiful matte canvas but there is a big flaw in all this matte goodness. If you haven't scrubbed your skin clean, better do so because this can cling to all those tiny weeny rough and dry spots and make your face look bad. Really bad. The finish is matte so it looks rough in those places. You will also need extra concealing for any dark spots and under the eye as well. 

Besides that, this foundation is amaaazing. It gives a gorgeous finish that looks light as air (aptly named, I tell ya!) whilst giving medium coverage. I didn't try layering it to see if it allows room for more coverage so I cannot comment on that yet. Priced at KWD 6.000, Bourjois have nailed it yet again with this new launch! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Body Shop | Brow & Lash Gel

The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel
The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel
The Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel
I'm very low-key when it comes to my brows. I don't pluck or wax them and they have a naturally decent shape with a few strays, ofcourse. But granted with no definite shaping comes the problem of flyaways; hair where it isn't supposed to be. And sadly that spoils their otherwise perfect shape so I wanted something that would keep my brow hair in place. Just a decent, useful brow mascara gel from a drugstore brand. Nothing fancy.

My initial pick was Rimmel's Brow This Way mascara after some research on the Internet but when the clear one was out of stock at my local MAX store, I picked The Body Shop's Brow & Lash Gel since it was 30% off the original price. 

My first reaction when I opened it: I dislike the smell. I don't know how to describe it but I do not like it. Besides that, the mascara wand is slim with firm bristles and is easy to brush through the brow hair. I use NYX eyebrow pencil in brown for the slightest of definition, so I got the brow gel in Clear just to brush through and set the hair in place for a more natural finish. 

The best part is once the gel sets, it does not feel stiff and you can easily frown or arch up your brows so its a great plus. Moreover, it doesn't feel like its there at all - no sticky feeling at all. My brows stay decent and in place all day long. And it comes in a whopping 10ml tube; that's going to take me a long, long while to finish off. So for a decent price tag of KWD 4.0 (I got it for KWD 2.8 on sale) I think its one of their best deals. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blog Giveaway - 1

Two years since I began posting on here. Yayyyy!!!

Although I haven't been consistent about blogging, I'm still happy I've stuck to this more than I ever thought was possible. It's been fun blogging about beauty every now and then. AND hopefully I will continue to do so in the future. So without wasting time, let's get to the giveaway details!

The gift is:

1. MAC Lipstick in your choice
2. NYX Love in Paris eye shadow palette in "Pardon My French"
3. The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara in Black

Now, let me just inform about the rules. They are quite simple, really. 
  • Entry can be made on the giveaway post (this one!) by commenting below OR by following my Facebook Page and liking the giveaway post here OR by following my Instagram feed and liking the giveaway post here OR by following my Twitter handle and retweeting my giveaway tweet here.
Out of these, only one is mandatory to be eligible to enter the draw. Read the next point for optional entries.
  •  You can enter more than once by following all social media accounts and liking/retweeting/reposting the giveaway posts ONCE. That will get you an additional entry (each) in the draw BUT this step is completely optional.
Please do not like/retweet/repost more than once. You can enter only once from all respective social media platforms.
  • No spam/giveaway accounts please. It is totally cool if you followed me only after seeing the giveaway posts but unfollowing/spamming later is definitely not cool. Enter if you really love makeup, not for the sake of winning a giveaway. 

  • The giveaway ends three (3) weeks from today. That's September 30, 2015. 
  • Winner will be drawn at random (from or the likes) and will be contacted within a week from the date on which the giveaway ends. They will also be announced on the respective social media channels that they entered from as well as here on the blog. 
  • The giveaway is international so everyone has a fair chance of winning. 

THAT'S IT! It is very simple, so for your blog entry here, tell me your most favorite makeup product and why. By this, I don't mean something like "I like mascara because so n so" but precisely which brand, range, and shade. That way, I'll get to know which products are worth giving a try in the future :)

Lastly, thank you so much for being a part of my life. Sending you cyber hugs! Xxx

Monday, September 7, 2015

MAC | Lipstick - Rebel

MAC Lipstick - REBEL
MAC Lipstick - REBEL
It is the beginning of Fall, and the first thing that changes in my makeup is the lipsticks. Oranges, corals and bright pinks take a back seat while deep reds, burgundy and plums take up the center stage. Trying a berry lip had been on my lust list for a while and I made the plunge this year with MAC's Rebel. Of course

Rebel is by far the most hyped MAC lipstick ever. When you browse their website and sort out the lipsticks by popularity, Rebel is the first in line. And rightly so. While it isn't a unique color and can be duped closely most of the time, it is by far the best neutral plummy-berry-pink lipstick I have ever come across. Whatever your skin tone might be, you can just as easily rock Rebel even though it is termed as cool toned. 

A beautiful plum with strong hints of pink, Rebel is like a wake-up call for when you are running late and don't have enough time for some heavy makeup routine. One slick swipe and your entire look is transformed from "I just woke up" to Bombshell-ready. The reason why I love this so much is because it looks SO good even when you might be feeling a bit down. And no, I am not exaggerating. This instantly freshens your entire complexion making you look bright and perky.
MAC Lipstick - REBEL
Not in my favorite finish though, Rebel is from MAC's Satin finish range which is neither drying nor moisturizing. It has a little satiny sheen to it and isn't as drying as a total matte lipstick would be but I still dislike that it tugs at my lips a tiny bit when I apply it. On the other hand, Cremesheen and Amplified Creme ranges are smooth as butter. And speaking of longevity, this stays true to its deep shade 5 hours straight. It also leaves a gorgeous berry stain even after fading so you still have some color to your lips despite heavy drinking/eating. 

I love Rebel for its color, staying power and the infamous vanilla scent that all MAC lippies have but no-like the slightly drying texture. It all comes down to personal preference, really. Which is your favorite range in MAC? 

MAC Rebel retails for KWD 8.750. Available in MAC Store, The Avenues. 
MAC Rebel retails for INR 1010. Available in MAC Store, High Street Phoenix.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Saante | Balancing Orange Face Pack

Saante Balancing Orange Face Scrub
Saante Balancing Orange Face Pack
I'm a sucker for all organic, natural and herbal products so when I received this 100% natural scrub/pack in MSM Box, that too a full size, needless to say I was very happy. When it comes to skincare, face masks of all kinds are my favorite therapy as they are an instant pick-me-up!

Saante is a brand I had never even heard of so I was a tiny bit skeptical when I first saw the product, but after a little research I was convinced by its cruelty free, organic and holistic approach towards skincare and general well-being. Coming to the product itself, on its lid it says it is a "Balancing Orange Face Scrub", whereas on the container it says "Balancing Orange Face Pack". So is it a scrub or a face pack? Let's find out!

The product comes in a 100 gms plastic container. Normal, simple packaging - nothing fancy. As soon as you open the lid, there is a strong herbal and bitter smell (that is the bitter orange peel powder btw). The face pack is in powdered form and it is to be mixed with your choice of ingredient to make a paste; be it yogurt, milk, rose water, any floral water etc. It has finely powdered extracts of Fuller's Earth (Multani Mitti), Oat powder, mint leaves, sandalwood powder and orange peel powder. Nothing else. And all these ingredients are very good for maintaining optimal skin elasticity. I usually use orange peel, multani mitti and sandalwood for my DIY masks at home. I had never tried oats or mint leaves before. 
Saante Balancing Orange Face Pack
When I make this face pack, I use it either with yogurt or milk as face packs tend to make my skin a bit dry immediately after I wash off. Instead if I use anything mixed with milk/yogurt, my skin is supple and soft due to its natural lactic acid compounds. 

This paste then has to be used as a face pack, and then once it is dry you reapply a bit more milk or rose water on top of the dried pack to make the face wet again and mildly scrub off the pack. So you see, this is a scrub cum pack that deeply cleans from within as well as removes the external dead skin layer. This technique works great. My skin really brightens up after every use, and with the milk/yogurt I do not require any moisturizer afterwards. Skin feels very soft and healthy to the touch. When I make my own face packs at home, I do it exactly the way Saante has. No extra artificial stuff, only pure goodness. So Balancing Orange Face pack/scrub (INR 450) gets two big thumbs up from me. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Body Shop | White Musk Libertine

The Body Shop - White Musk Libertine
White Musk is one of those scents that appeal to the masses, with a few rare exceptions. The Body Shop's White Musk range is a successful example as it has a cult status among TBS fans. I myself love the range so much so that their body mist just has to be in my perfumes stash at all times. 

Their White Musk Libertine range is nothing new, its been around for as long as I can remember. It is a sweet take on the original; and although sweet scents are something I strictly stay away from, I couldn't help getting Libertine.

The first thing I ever purchased from this range was their White Musk Libertine solid perfume (KWD 3) and I have this in my handbag for those sudden uncalled for touch-ups. It is very easy to carry around, the texture of the perfume is soft, white with a silver shimmer and blends well into the skin leaving behind a fresh trail of sweet musky goodness.

When I knew that this scent wasn't all too bad, it was time for the big plunge. And so happened the shower gel, body mist and the accompanying body lotion (KWD 12). 
The Body Shop - White Musk Libertine (solid perfume)
As with all TBS shower gels, it is strongly scented, the gel foams up quite luxuriously and stays fresh all day. Pairing it with its body lotion ensures that the scent lingers longer without fading. Coming to the fragrance mist, it greatly enhances the scent when layered on top of the body lotion but is also strong enough if applied on its own. I prefer body mists more than EDTs frankly, as they are lighter on the nose and can be layered later accordingly. This has moderate to heavy sillage and I find that it lasts all day on me, albeit not as strong as I first whiff it on. It does tend to fade a little. 

What is your favorite TBS scent? Do you like the Libertine range? 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Real Techniques | Nic's Picks

Real Techniques - Nic's Picks
I was lucky enough to lay my hands on the limited edition Nic's Picks (KWD 17) set from Real Techniques from Lifestyle over a month ago. I think they launched sometime last year and since they were LE, I didn't imagine I'd get to buy them now after all these months but I guess they are slow to get sold out here in the Middle East. 

Anyhoo, the two main reasons why I wanted this set more than anything - first, there were three exclusive brush cuts in this set, meaning they are brand new brushes and NOT sold separately or in any other RT collection. And secondly, because I wanted a big fluffy brush to powder my face as I didn't own a single one and this happened to include the duo-fiber brush from their LE Duo Fiber Collection that launched about 2 years back. And which is still being sold here as well, LOL. So much for "limited edition".
Real Techniques - Nic's Picks
Quickly coming to the brushes themselves, the Duo Fiber Brush which I was really looking forward to owning is a neutral for me. Not bad, not great - just good. It has extremely fine, sparse bristles meaning it picks up very less product, so you're definitely not going to overdo any powder, blush or all-over bronzer. I wanted this for setting my makeup with powder, and it does a fine job. I still want that big fat RT powder brush though. 

I've read online that the exclusive Cheek Brush is somewhat similar to the Expert Face Brush. I don't own EFB personally so I cannot compare, but it really does look a lot similar from the pictures. This was also the main reason why I wanted this set desperately. By the time I get around to finally buy an EFB, I might as well do with a cheek brush. The bristles of this brush are dense, soft and pack on a good amount of product. I love this brush. 
Real Techniques - Nic's Picks
A brush I already own is the Base Shadow Brush, but its always good to have a back up. This is a good brush, applies smoothly all over the lid and also works well to define a crease for those who have small, barely visible eyes like me. The Angled Shadow Brush is my favorite among this lot and it makes defining a crease much easier. If you start out from the outer corner of the eye crease into the middle, it ensures the color is rich and dark at the corner while blending out beautifully at the middle. Very convenient to use. 

Lastly, the Angled Liner Brush is a good addition. I haven't really used it that much, but the angled shape does make drawing out a flick easier for those who are beginners. This is great for defining brows as well as its small and dense enough to ensure a natural stroke. I personally use the brow brush from the Starter Kit collection to draw a feline flick on my eyes, that works WOW; but for brows I feel it is too thick. 

So that's it for Nic's Picks. My favorites are the Angled Shadow Brush and the Cheek Brush. What's your favorite pick? 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Herbline Essentials | The Radiant AHA Cream

Herbline Essentials Radiant AHA cream 
Herbline Essentials Radiant AHA cream
By now, I have become a huge fan of Herbline Essentials and here's another amazing review of the Radiant AHA cream from their Premium range. Radiant AHA cream is to be used only at night as its (obviously) a cream loaded with alpha hydroxy acids. Just some background info, AHAs exfoliate the uppermost dead skin layer that cause dullness to reveal brighter skin from within. AHAs can cause photosensitivity, so any creams containing AHAs are mostly recommended to be used at night. 

Radiant AHA cream boasts an amazing array of ingredients like castor oil, grape seed oil and wheatgerm oil, all of which help in maintaining optimal skin elasticity. Lavender, clove and calendula effectively promote cell regeneration whilst also protecting the skin from external infections. Almond and coconut oil are great natural moisturizers. There's shea, aloe vera and jojoba oil in it along with many beneficial ingredients. Doesn't this sound too good to be true? But is it, really? Read on.

I have been using this cream along with Herbline's White Lily & Ginger face wash for over 2 months now. It is a milky white cream, smells herbal (but pleasant!) and spreads very well into the skin. About a tiny pea sized amount is needed for the entire face and neck; I've only finished about half of the tub till now. I love how it just vanishes from the skin after massaging it, does not feel greasy at all yet is still moisturizing enough. The best part is, it does not form tiny white clumps. I wonder if any of you guys find any cream clumping if you blend it too much into the skin or is it just me?! 
Herbline Essentials Radiant AHA cream
Herbline Essentials Radiant AHA cream
The next morning my skin feels a bit oily around the T-zone (that's a usual for me) and once I wash off using my Clarisonic, my skin is SO much clearer than it was the day before. The mild peeling effect is clearly visible in the way my skin is brighter, and literally breathing. I use this cream every alternate night, as I feel it might be too much if I use it daily. 

The packaging is slightly different from their original line. Since this product belongs to their Premium range, it has frosted plastic and gold packaging. The prices are also on the expensive side for this range but it is rightly so. While this may not be a miracle product, it does turn your skin from drab to fab within a week's use. My skin has been in a very good condition lately, as I've also been keeping it balanced by using their Papaya & Honey Mask once weekly. 

Radiant AHA Cream retails for KWD 28 and can be purchased online at their website or in major co-ops in Kuwait. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bioderma | Matricium

Bioderma - Matricium
Bioderma - Matricium
When I first heard about Matricium, the concept itself was intriguing to me. It wasn't a cream or lotion that would make you fair with regular use or erase your pigmentation, oiliness or whatever - but it was a medical procedure that would complement whatever routine you are currently following. And it was only a course of 1 month, so although I am not the most determined of people when it comes to sticking to a routine, I really wanted to see the difference this made to my skin since I suffered an extremely bad breakout back in December due to which it hadn't completely healed.

Matricium comes in daily use plastic containers from which you should use twice a day - morning and night. It is basically just like water. There is no texture to it - no oiliness, no sticky feeling whatsoever. Just watery. It is like applying plain water to your skin and letting it sit there until it sinks into the skin by itself. There should be about 10 drops in total in each container, 5 each for morning and evening use. It has no fragrance, parabens and contains around 60 natural elements that support healthy skin turnover. What this whole thing promises to do is regenerate the cells from within so it helps in healthier cell renewal process. This is recommended for those that have suffered first degree burns, or any surgical treatment or condition that has made their skin fragile. 
Bioderma - Matricium
Bioderma - Matricium
Coming to my experience, the first two weeks that I used this showed visible improvement in skin texture and clarity. My skin was much smoother than it has been in years. There was no dramatic lightening or brightening effect - just the feeling that my skin is healthy from within. It felt happy. LITERALLY. AND that's it. There was no further improvement in my skin. Whatever magic had to happen was already done within the first couple of weeks. I didn't see any more changes in the way my skin felt for the rest of July. 

This whole thing definitely did not break me out, which is why I was even able to use it for a whole month. I obviously didn't expect it to work like a magic cream, but what I believe it did was to make sure my skin was healthy from the inside. No breakouts, no dullness and I usually suffer from dehydrated skin, so that's also reduced to a great extent.

When I started this at the onset of July, I hadn't made any other change in my normal skincare routine, so I really believe that Matricium helped enhance my skin renewal structure to a certain extent. Is it a miracle product, I dunno. And I cannot even comment on how well it would work on skin that's burned or had any medical surgeries. But it did help me a little.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bioderma | Photoderm MAX 100 Fluid

Bioderma Photoderm MAX 100 Fluid
Bioderma Photoderm MAX 100 Fluid
Here's the star of my current summer skin and makeup routine. Without this gem, my skincare isn't complete and my makeup does not begin. Presenting Bioderma's Photoderm MAX in SPF 100. Yes, 100. That's the highest I've ever gone in terms of sunblock factor. 

The product comes in a bright yellow tube, its simple, practical and easy to pop into your handbag for reapplication. The fluid is white and extremely runny. But what's best about fluids (rather than creams) is that it is easier to blend and spread across a wider patch of skin. About 2-3 drops of the fluid suffices for my entire face and is super easy to blend into the skin. What freaked me out the first time I used this was the whitish cast it gave my face when I applied it. But I let it sink in for about 10 minutes before I started with my makeup, and thankfully it left behind no white traces at all. 

I do find that it is slightly greasier than my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunblocks (they are not greasy AT ALL) but it isn't a big issue for me once I apply my BB cream and set it with powder. However, if you are not a makeup person and only use moisturizer or sunblock, you might want to carry blotting papers with you to avoid looking oily during the day. 
Bioderma Photoderm MAX 100 Fluid
Bioderma Photoderm MAX 100 Fluid
The SPF 100 has definitely worked in my favour, I haven't experienced any deep tanning or dark patches anywhere on my face or hands. My forehead tends to darken a lot during summer and it did a bit this time around too but not as much as I feared it would. So yay! I used SPF 45 before and would probably stick to SPF 50 or above. 

Pros such as being fragrance free, paraben free and waterproof make this even more favorable in my opinion. This one stays in my stash forever, I really like this product. Next on my list is the sunblock spray! 

Available in Boots and AAW pharmacies for KWD 8.400 for 40ml. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Herbline Essentials | Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask

Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask
Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask
I'm really loving everything Herbline Essentials at the moment, and here's another glowing review of their Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask. 

Herbline's packaging is sleek white (except for their Premium range which is golden). The mask comes in a plastic pot, has a clear plastic divider which ensures that the product doesn't spill. I dislike using anything from a pot, for hygienic reasons, and would have preferred a tube but anyhoo, I use a mini spoon to scoop out how much I want to use.

It is a pale yellow mask with the texture being thick enough that it does not melt or drip, but is extremely buttery as well. It spreads so easily that I don't have to put in an extra effort, it applies evenly with a single swipe. The scent is rather strong but pleasant - a little herbal and sweet (courtesy of papaya and honey). I slather a thin layer of it for about 15 minutes while I browse my Instagram feed, and then wash the mask with tap water. My skin is immediately left smoother in texture, brighter and soft.
Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask
Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask
I have applied this twice a week for a month now, and although I do see an immediate glowing effect, I haven't really noticed any dramatic lightening of my post acne marks. They are definitely lighter but not as much as I'd like them to be. I still love the mask for the softness and brightening effect that it gives my skin so I'm all for repurchasing. However, if you do buy it only for the "lightening" reason, be sure to get disappointed as its no miracle product that will transform your skin, make you fair and flawless within a couple of uses. I'm sure if I continue using this, in conjunction with my current fave White Lily & Ginger Face wash by Herbline, my skin is sure to thank me! It already is as its been a month since I haven't had any breakouts. 

Available at all major co-ops retailing at KWD 11.500.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Max Factor | Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow - Copper

Max Factor Excess Shimmer eyeshadow - 20 Copper
Max Factor Excess Shimmer eyeshadow - 20 Copper
Max Factor launched Excess Shimmer eye shadow pots last year and the blogosphere raved about it. I was sure I'll get sucked into buying them sooner or later which I did, but never got around to reviewing them here. Although all the colors are extremely pretty, Copper is possibly my favorite cream eye shadow shade.

These pots, as the name obviously suggests, are supremely shimmery. But the shimmer is such that it has that high-end luxe feel to it. The product has a gel-ish whipped texture, so much that it tends to move around in the pot all the time. It is very soft and silky to the touch, not at all like the Color Tattoos or Color Editions by Maybelline and Bourjois. It does take a little bit more time to dry but once it does, it lasts for about 5 hours without fading. And that's saying something for a drugstore brand. I have mobile lids so it tends to crease a tiny weeny bit on me. They are all very pigmented and blend beautifully (although they do take extra time). 
Max Factor Excess Shimmer eyeshadow - 20 Copper
Copper is more like a champagne nude shade with a vintage vibe to it. Its definitely like no other copper I have used. There is no bright yellow gold into it, it leans more towards beige. On a matte base with a little bronzer along the crease, this would make for a great every day look. 

Overall, these are great products to be used alone or in combination. I'm wholeheartedly supporting a matte eyeshadow range much like these. Great, great formulas! 

Priced at KWD 4.200 at all Max Factor kiosks in MAX, Boots, Lifestyle stores!