Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BEAUTY | Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Mascara

I've always been a fan of the original formula Colossal mascara (read review) and this review is no different. There is only a slight variation to this "Go Extreme" (AKA "Pumped Up" otherwise) version which I'll list below. 

To start with, the mascara wand has a curvy double pumping action which delivers extra product (huh?) and so it maximizes lashes upto 20x more than the original. So does it actually deliver what it claims? Well, no. At least not for me. I applied the original version and the "extreme" version on my lashes and the results were more or less the same. 

To fathom why Maybelline would churn out copies of the same mascara in the same tube with different prints on them while the product delivers the same results is questionable. I mean, there was "Smokey Eyes", then "Cat Eyes", now the "Go Extreme" and finally "Go Extreme Leather Black". Instead, just go and launch a new product with a new name, new packaging, new formula and different benefits. Maybe that would suck in more buyers (me included!). Like, I am definitely liking the look of the new Lash Sensational btw.

Aside from my rant, the Colossal Volum' does happen to be one of my favorite mascaras, it makes my sparse lashes fuller and defined. And yes, NO clumping. AT ALL. This has one of the best formulas I have tried. I like its results way better than some other mascaras that I have used over the years so I am not entirely complaining about the product (either the original or this Go Extreme one), I just think the marketing strategy for Colossal is getting a bit boring. 

Price: KWD 3.750 

Friday, January 16, 2015

BEAUTY | Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop - Berry Bomb

Maybelline finally launched the Baby Lips Electro range in Asia and Middle East. The only standout for me was this bright purple hued Berry Bomb. I have never really liked the original line even though they are waaay over-hyped by everyone. I did try one for the sake of trying! They feel like regular lip balms and Nivea (or Labello) make them just the same.

This purply balm, however, was an instant purchase because I loved the bright color. Obviously it doesn't impart that same color on lips. Instead it gives a beautiful deep pink color that can be easily rocked by any age and tone. It also has a pleasant berry flavor/scent. Hydrating power is sadly very low. I don't know why they claim 8 hr moisture when it clearly disappears within an hour or two. They do, however, keep lips supple.

My trick is to use it at night before sleeping. Early morning my lips are smoother and ready for the day without any hint of dryness. I guess that's because there is no way for the balm to disappear while sleeping (by eating/drinking), so it stays on for longer. The only drawback would be if you are a restless sleeper and it may wipe off! 

They are priced highly for a normal lip balm and I would say, you can easily pass them off and stick to your loyals unless you really like cute packaging; because Maybelline did get that downright cute!

INR 150
KWD 1.350

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BEAUTY | Clarins White Plus Intensive Brightening Serum

A sudden bout of acne and post-pimple marks prompted me to opt for a product that provided anti-marks benefits. Clarins has always given me a sense of trust when it comes to choosing skincare products. Thus, when opting for their Intensive Brightening Serum, I knew it was more or less a safe bet.

Clarins' White Plus Total Luminescent range is specifically targeted for Asian skin which is obviously great for me. Enriched with sea lily extracts, Alchemilla and stable Vitamin C, it claims to provide ultra brightening glow to the skin from deep within whilst helping to fade dark imperfections away. But does it? My first impression within a 2-3 day trial was it did not break me out more than I already was, which was AWESOME news. I am always concerned when investing in high-end brands because my extremely sensitive skin tends to reject more products than it accepts. 

Secondly, my skin was smoother after about a week or so and much more supple. I suffer from dehydrated skin and it always looks like my skin is shedding itself. That stretchy, eww feeling is not there anymore. Considering I have been using the serum for a month now, I see very minimal difference in my dark spots. Though it claims to provide "dramatic result in 4 weeks", it hasn't done so for me. The spots have diminished a bit but that's the idea anyway; skin regenerates itself over a period of 28 days, so was it a natural cycle or due to the serum is the big question now (?). 

I do feel that my skin has a definite refined texture. I'll continue using the serum until it finishes off (a pump each for face and neck), hopefully I would get an idea on how well it works on persistent spots by then. For now I am content that it makes my skin smoother and also adds a bit of a glow.

KWD 26.ooo (Debenhams, VaVaVoom, Harvey Nichols); 
INR 4600

Thursday, January 1, 2015

LIFESTYLE | Welcome 2015!

The last time I was typing down my 2014 post, I was extremely hyped up about what new things I would do in the coming year. Regardless to say, 2014 had its ups and downs and it has concluded in a non-dramatic way, thankfully. 

Today being the first day of the new year 2015, I have yet again made some simple resolutions. But before I go on about them, let me see if I had managed to accomplish what I had wanted early last year. 

First off, I wasn't as active on my blog as I had wanted to be, but I hope this year will change that. I do like posting here about things I am using and loving, and I hope it helps anyone wanting to know about them, so yeah. That's one resolution that is on loop. Also, I wanted to start a full-time job last year which I couldn't, due to health problems but I hope that by the start of April this year, I will have landed a good job for myself (InshaaAllaah!).

The one thing that I am most happy about doing in 2014 was getting my driver's license. It gave me a sense of freedom and independence that I hadn't known before. Bikes, scooty, cars - they all give me rush. So this year's resolution is to get my own car. Like "my" own car, not just a 'family car'. I have already begun my savings.

What's really picking my thoughts these days is arts. I have been hooked to DIYs recently and I will post about some of them on the blog. 

This year's most important resolution has to be about health. I want to really start eating healthier food, exercise a lot more and most importantly, just be happy!

A very happy new year to everyone!