Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BEAUTY | Clarins White Plus Intensive Brightening Serum

A sudden bout of acne and post-pimple marks prompted me to opt for a product that provided anti-marks benefits. Clarins has always given me a sense of trust when it comes to choosing skincare products. Thus, when opting for their Intensive Brightening Serum, I knew it was more or less a safe bet.

Clarins' White Plus Total Luminescent range is specifically targeted for Asian skin which is obviously great for me. Enriched with sea lily extracts, Alchemilla and stable Vitamin C, it claims to provide ultra brightening glow to the skin from deep within whilst helping to fade dark imperfections away. But does it? My first impression within a 2-3 day trial was it did not break me out more than I already was, which was AWESOME news. I am always concerned when investing in high-end brands because my extremely sensitive skin tends to reject more products than it accepts. 

Secondly, my skin was smoother after about a week or so and much more supple. I suffer from dehydrated skin and it always looks like my skin is shedding itself. That stretchy, eww feeling is not there anymore. Considering I have been using the serum for a month now, I see very minimal difference in my dark spots. Though it claims to provide "dramatic result in 4 weeks", it hasn't done so for me. The spots have diminished a bit but that's the idea anyway; skin regenerates itself over a period of 28 days, so was it a natural cycle or due to the serum is the big question now (?). 

I do feel that my skin has a definite refined texture. I'll continue using the serum until it finishes off (a pump each for face and neck), hopefully I would get an idea on how well it works on persistent spots by then. For now I am content that it makes my skin smoother and also adds a bit of a glow.

KWD (Debenhams, VaVaVoom, Harvey Nichols); 
INR 4600

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