Friday, January 16, 2015

BEAUTY | Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop - Berry Bomb

Maybelline finally launched the Baby Lips Electro range in Asia and Middle East. The only standout for me was this bright purple hued Berry Bomb. I have never really liked the original line even though they are waaay over-hyped by everyone. I did try one for the sake of trying! They feel like regular lip balms and Nivea (or Labello) make them just the same.

This purply balm, however, was an instant purchase because I loved the bright color. Obviously it doesn't impart that same color on lips. Instead it gives a beautiful deep pink color that can be easily rocked by any age and tone. It also has a pleasant berry flavor/scent. Hydrating power is sadly very low. I don't know why they claim 8 hr moisture when it clearly disappears within an hour or two. They do, however, keep lips supple.

My trick is to use it at night before sleeping. Early morning my lips are smoother and ready for the day without any hint of dryness. I guess that's because there is no way for the balm to disappear while sleeping (by eating/drinking), so it stays on for longer. The only drawback would be if you are a restless sleeper and it may wipe off! 

They are priced highly for a normal lip balm and I would say, you can easily pass them off and stick to your loyals unless you really like cute packaging; because Maybelline did get that downright cute!

INR 150
KWD 1.350

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