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Titan Skinn Imera

Titan Skinn Imera
Titan's foray into fragrances has had me intrigued ever since their launch and I had immediately picked up a bottle of their Imera fragrance then and there but never got around to reviewing it. The name itself was something I've never come across and I totally love it. The notes were the icing on the cake; exactly right for me. 

To begin with, the first whiff gives off a strong lemony scent that is somewhat infused with a rosy accord. This continues until after about an hour when you hit the middle notes of a powdery floral that dries down to a soft vanilla goodness at its base. The patchouli is distinct but not overpowering. The fragrance isn't too sweet, which is how I like it. Sillage is quite good; it lasted a whole day on me and then some. When I wear this, it reminds me to dress down because I find this scent to be quite provocative in itself.

I'd say this scent was best for the transition from winter to spring. There is warmth in it, yet the breathable freedom that you get as soon as you step into the floral spring. The bottle however, was a disappointment. I'd have expected something more fancy but it is plain and simple. 

INR 990 (50 ml) 
Available easily in stores and website 

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