Favorite Acne-Fighting Products

Having acne-prone skin, I'm always on the lookout for the best acne products in the market, new tips and home remedies - anything that will help me keep my acne in check. Over the years, I have tried countless OTC products and various home remedies. All I have learnt is that having acne is a lifetime liability and the only thing that can help is maybe a few tweaks here and there in your routine life. Nothing (NOTHING!) works like magic for your acne, it only helps to a certain degree.

Below are my favorite acne fighting products, that work amazingly when combined together. To start with, I highly recommend not using any SLS-based soap, face wash or cleanser for your acne (body acne included!). You can do so much better by skipping on some harsh chemicals. 

Soulflower Wheatgerm Oil, Aroma Treasures Tea Tree Oil, Soulflower Anti acne Neem Turmeric Soap
Soulflower is an aromatherapy-following brand with a vast range of oils, soaps and bath salts. Their idea is to treat everyday like a spa-day! Here is my favorite soap from the brand - especially to deal with acne prone skin. Anti acne Neem Turmeric soap, priced at INR 150 (90gms), is enriched with neem oil and turmeric - two of the best acne-fighting ingredients. It is made on a saponified base of various carrier oils like olive, coconut and castor. No bad stuff in there, see! I love that this soap lathers really well and also improves skin texture over time. 

The next warrior in my stash is Wheatgerm carrier oil, INR 350 (30ml) also from Soulflower, which is a great oil for maintaining skin's elasticity and healing minor burns. Also good for retaining hair's lustre. Basically you can use it for anything and need not worry about side effects. It is 100% goodness in a tiny bottle. I use this, mixed with a few essential oils, for a deep body massage once every week.

Finally, the most important product with acne-reducing properties has to be Tea tree essential oil (INR 237 for 10ml) by Aroma Treasures. Essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be diluted with a carrier oil such as wheatgerm^ or whichever you prefer.  Tea tree oil reduces inflammation and redness of the pimples making them less painful. I mix 10 drops of tea tree in 10 ml of wheatgerm oil and use it all over my face every night. If you're worried that skin might feel sticky, rest assured it massages into the skin pretty well leaving no sticky residue. 

I do not recommend applying essential oils directly to the acne or any skin problem as it might sting and burn the skin. Always remember to dilute it with a carrier oil before massaging onto the affected area. I am an ardent fan of aromatherapy and have an ever-growing collection of oils that I use for various purposes around the house. Pure oils, extracted right from the source, are a much better substitute for chemicals, isn't it?! 

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