Bourjois | Color Edition 24Hr Eyeshadow - Prune Nocturne

With cream eye shadows, you almost always can't go wrong. They are easy to buff into the skin and can be worn as sheer or as stark as you'd like. One of my all time favorites is Prune Nocturne by Bourjois' Color Edition 24Hr range because it is the perfect base for all my dark/smokey eye looks. 

The color itself isn't a stark royal purple; it has a mix of red in it, making it more burgundy with a metallic sheen and some chunky glitter thrown in. It has sturdy plastic pot packaging, is creamy in texture and dries to a powdery finish. Very easy to use with only the fingertips as well. Also, it does NOT crease, and I can vouch for this as I have hooded eyes with a barely visible crease and my eyelids are quite oily so whatever little color I put onto it creases by the end of the day. I cannot comment on their "24Hr" claim but yes, hitting a 5-7 hour mark without creasing is great, in my opinion. 

The eye shadow isn't supremely pigmented though. By this, I don't mean to imply I hate the product. On the contrary, like I mentioned earlier, this makes it easy for me to wear the color as light or as dark as I want. In the above swatch, I must have done about 5-7 swipes to get that intense color and notice how the glitter does not look tacky as well. This shade is my go-to base for when I'm trying out any dark black/brown smokey eye looks as all the other colors hold very well on top of it. What I love about it is that it looks equally good if worn on its own, and if you're super good at blending, this alone can make for a very subtle purple smokey eye. 

I love the texture and ease of use of the eye shadow (particularly the creamy champagne "petal de glace" shade!) and would love to see more colors introduced in the range, especially with matte finishes as all the current ones are packed with shimmer. 

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