Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bioderma | Photoderm MAX 100 Fluid

Bioderma Photoderm MAX 100 Fluid
Bioderma Photoderm MAX 100 Fluid
Here's the star of my current summer skin and makeup routine. Without this gem, my skincare isn't complete and my makeup does not begin. Presenting Bioderma's Photoderm MAX in SPF 100. Yes, 100. That's the highest I've ever gone in terms of sunblock factor. 

The product comes in a bright yellow tube, its simple, practical and easy to pop into your handbag for reapplication. The fluid is white and extremely runny. But what's best about fluids (rather than creams) is that it is easier to blend and spread across a wider patch of skin. About 2-3 drops of the fluid suffices for my entire face and is super easy to blend into the skin. What freaked me out the first time I used this was the whitish cast it gave my face when I applied it. But I let it sink in for about 10 minutes before I started with my makeup, and thankfully it left behind no white traces at all. 

I do find that it is slightly greasier than my Neutrogena Ultra Sheer sunblocks (they are not greasy AT ALL) but it isn't a big issue for me once I apply my BB cream and set it with powder. However, if you are not a makeup person and only use moisturizer or sunblock, you might want to carry blotting papers with you to avoid looking oily during the day. 
Bioderma Photoderm MAX 100 Fluid
Bioderma Photoderm MAX 100 Fluid
The SPF 100 has definitely worked in my favour, I haven't experienced any deep tanning or dark patches anywhere on my face or hands. My forehead tends to darken a lot during summer and it did a bit this time around too but not as much as I feared it would. So yay! I used SPF 45 before and would probably stick to SPF 50 or above. 

Pros such as being fragrance free, paraben free and waterproof make this even more favorable in my opinion. This one stays in my stash forever, I really like this product. Next on my list is the sunblock spray! 

Available in Boots and AAW pharmacies for KWD 8.400 for 40ml. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Herbline Essentials | Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask

Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask
Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask
I'm really loving everything Herbline Essentials at the moment, and here's another glowing review of their Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask. 

Herbline's packaging is sleek white (except for their Premium range which is golden). The mask comes in a plastic pot, has a clear plastic divider which ensures that the product doesn't spill. I dislike using anything from a pot, for hygienic reasons, and would have preferred a tube but anyhoo, I use a mini spoon to scoop out how much I want to use.

It is a pale yellow mask with the texture being thick enough that it does not melt or drip, but is extremely buttery as well. It spreads so easily that I don't have to put in an extra effort, it applies evenly with a single swipe. The scent is rather strong but pleasant - a little herbal and sweet (courtesy of papaya and honey). I slather a thin layer of it for about 15 minutes while I browse my Instagram feed, and then wash the mask with tap water. My skin is immediately left smoother in texture, brighter and soft.
Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask
Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask
I have applied this twice a week for a month now, and although I do see an immediate glowing effect, I haven't really noticed any dramatic lightening of my post acne marks. They are definitely lighter but not as much as I'd like them to be. I still love the mask for the softness and brightening effect that it gives my skin so I'm all for repurchasing. However, if you do buy it only for the "lightening" reason, be sure to get disappointed as its no miracle product that will transform your skin, make you fair and flawless within a couple of uses. I'm sure if I continue using this, in conjunction with my current fave White Lily & Ginger Face wash by Herbline, my skin is sure to thank me! It already is as its been a month since I haven't had any breakouts. 

Available at all major co-ops retailing at KWD 11.500.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Max Factor | Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow - Copper

Max Factor Excess Shimmer eyeshadow - 20 Copper
Max Factor Excess Shimmer eyeshadow - 20 Copper
Max Factor launched Excess Shimmer eye shadow pots last year and the blogosphere raved about it. I was sure I'll get sucked into buying them sooner or later which I did, but never got around to reviewing them here. Although all the colors are extremely pretty, Copper is possibly my favorite cream eye shadow shade.

These pots, as the name obviously suggests, are supremely shimmery. But the shimmer is such that it has that high-end luxe feel to it. The product has a gel-ish whipped texture, so much that it tends to move around in the pot all the time. It is very soft and silky to the touch, not at all like the Color Tattoos or Color Editions by Maybelline and Bourjois. It does take a little bit more time to dry but once it does, it lasts for about 5 hours without fading. And that's saying something for a drugstore brand. I have mobile lids so it tends to crease a tiny weeny bit on me. They are all very pigmented and blend beautifully (although they do take extra time). 
Max Factor Excess Shimmer eyeshadow - 20 Copper
Copper is more like a champagne nude shade with a vintage vibe to it. Its definitely like no other copper I have used. There is no bright yellow gold into it, it leans more towards beige. On a matte base with a little bronzer along the crease, this would make for a great every day look. 

Overall, these are great products to be used alone or in combination. I'm wholeheartedly supporting a matte eyeshadow range much like these. Great, great formulas! 

Priced at KWD 4.200 at all Max Factor kiosks in MAX, Boots, Lifestyle stores!  

Monday, July 13, 2015

Neutrogena | Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub

Neutrogena Spot Stress Control scrub
Neutrogena Spot Stress Control scrub
Neutrogena is a brand that I love to go back to because our relationship dates back to when I was in my early teens. And its possibly one of the safest brands you can try if you've acne prone skin. I have had positive experiences with most of their products I have used in all these years, but if I had to choose just one category - I'd say go for their scrubs. They are really good.

The reason why I was eager to try this particular scrub (Spot Stress Control) is because it claims to "make spots one less stress". While I normally use a Clarisonic with my favorite cleanser, the weather has been extremely unforgiving lately. The hot Kuwaiti winds are sooo dry, it made my skin stretch tight and flake while also making it dehydrated. So when I used my cleansing device, it made my already sensitive skin hate the extra exfoliation and become painfully red. Now I've resorted to using Clarisonic only once a week and use Spot Stress Control scrub every alternate day to ensure my pores don't get clogged. 

Coming to the product itself, it smells a lot like cucumber and has a light mint color with sparse green beads (they are too less in my opinion). These beads feel quite mild on the skin unlike some other scrubs I have tried that feel very harsh. The texture is creamy and foams up okay-ish. I want it to foam more somehow! There is a mild tingling sensation which isn't irritating and skin is left clean and matte. I have had no breakouts and the redness has reduced considerably. It doesn't dry out the skin waaay too much but I still require a moisturizer. My skin feels brightened after every use, but this is something I have noticed with all Neutrogena scrubs that it really helps evening out the skin with regular use (at least for me).
Neutrogena Spot Stress Control scrub
One minor drawback is that it does not work on removing makeup completely. I know that is not the scrub's job anyway, but sometimes a bit of kohl/mascara still remains around my eye area after wiping off my makeup and this scrub does not take it off. So I have to use face wash along with the scrub as well to ensure my skin is squeaky clean. 

Quantity and quality wise, this product gets a big thumbs-up. Neutrogena is affordable and easily available across all stores and hypermarkets. Retail price is around 3.350 KWD (prices may vary). 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dior | Cheek & Lip Glow

Dior Cheek & Lip Glow
One of the best multi-tasking products I have come across recently has to be Dior's Cheek and Lip Glow - for those low-maintenance days that we all love. 

Dior Cheek & Lip Glow is a bright rosy pink gel that gives a healthy glowing boost to your cheeks and lips. Dab it on cheeks for that natural rosy flush. A single coat of this and your lips are a luscious blushing pink shade. No shimmer, no shine. It applies to the lips and blends so seamlessly you'd not even feel its there. It has a sweet candy scent that is yummy, even to the taste.
Dior Cheek & Lip Glow

Dior Cheek & Lip Glow
The packaging is totally Diorrific, classy and expensive. You pop open the silver cap and keep it aside. Yup, its only for show - and for good reason, because it tends to get finger-printed really awfully and spoils the whole posh look of it. Then there's a black twist-open cap (with "CD" initials) that's the real deal. The applicator inside is round, ball shaped.

I don't use it on my cheeks as much as I like it on my lips but it does give a lovely pink blush to the cheeks, especially if you've not worn any makeup at all. And if you have, rest assured it won't swipe it off when you are trying to blend it in. If you're already used to Benefit's Benetint, it gives a similar "rosey" effect. The tint stays put all day, without needing touch-ups but my lips feel a bit dry so I tend to reapply a couple of times. On the cheeks, it fades a little after about 4 hours on me (I have combination skin).

I cannot thank Dave Lackie, editor of Beauty The Guide magazine, for introducing me to this little gem. It remains my most favorite indulgence ever! Available in VaVaVoom & Debenhams stores in Kuwait.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Herbline Essentials | White Lily & Ginger Face Wash

When I first heard about Herbline Essentials a few months ago, I was immediately attracted to its sleek packaging and holistic approach towards skin & hair care. Always an ardent fan of Ayurveda, I feel safe to try such brands that have Ayurveda as their foundation base because, for one, they will be much milder on the skin and second, their ingredient list would be more herbal and less chemical. And I am not disappointed one bit now that I've tried HE.

For a month now, I have been using White Lily & Ginger Face wash by Herbline Essentials and my skin has been the best ever in terms of softness and radiance. The face wash has a pleasant floral-herbal scent which I admit is quite strong, so anyone who dislikes having fragrance in their products should skip this. I like it however, and it does fade away within 5-10 minutes after rinsing off. The product comes in a 150ml pump-dispenser bottle and the foam itself has a rich, creamy texture. Once I wash off after thoroughly massaging the foam into my skin, my skin is left refreshed and brighter. There is no painful stretchy feeling, and skin feels soft and matte. The best part: it did not break me out at all, which is my main concern whenever I try something new.

I'm actually surprised (and pleased) at the long list of ingredients in this one. So many oils in one product! I love essential oils, in particular Lavender and Tea tree as they're really good for skin. It also has a number of great ingredients like mulberry, oats, safron etc. What's best is it is soap free and does not contain parabens & paraffin. 

I like the simple white and pink packaging - it is no-fuss and practical for daily use. I do wish that they made smaller travel-friendly sizes as well. At the moment it only comes in 150ml bottle. This one is going to last me at least a good 3 months before I have to invest in another, so its great value for money. Available in most major co-ops and pharmacies in Kuwait, priced at KWD 8.990.