Neutrogena | Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub

Neutrogena Spot Stress Control scrub
Neutrogena Spot Stress Control scrub
Neutrogena is a brand that I love to go back to because our relationship dates back to when I was in my early teens. And its possibly one of the safest brands you can try if you've acne prone skin. I have had positive experiences with most of their products I have used in all these years, but if I had to choose just one category - I'd say go for their scrubs. They are really good.

The reason why I was eager to try this particular scrub (Spot Stress Control) is because it claims to "make spots one less stress". While I normally use a Clarisonic with my favorite cleanser, the weather has been extremely unforgiving lately. The hot Kuwaiti winds are sooo dry, it made my skin stretch tight and flake while also making it dehydrated. So when I used my cleansing device, it made my already sensitive skin hate the extra exfoliation and become painfully red. Now I've resorted to using Clarisonic only once a week and use Spot Stress Control scrub every alternate day to ensure my pores don't get clogged. 

Coming to the product itself, it smells a lot like cucumber and has a light mint color with sparse green beads (they are too less in my opinion). These beads feel quite mild on the skin unlike some other scrubs I have tried that feel very harsh. The texture is creamy and foams up okay-ish. I want it to foam more somehow! There is a mild tingling sensation which isn't irritating and skin is left clean and matte. I have had no breakouts and the redness has reduced considerably. It doesn't dry out the skin waaay too much but I still require a moisturizer. My skin feels brightened after every use, but this is something I have noticed with all Neutrogena scrubs that it really helps evening out the skin with regular use (at least for me).
Neutrogena Spot Stress Control scrub
One minor drawback is that it does not work on removing makeup completely. I know that is not the scrub's job anyway, but sometimes a bit of kohl/mascara still remains around my eye area after wiping off my makeup and this scrub does not take it off. So I have to use face wash along with the scrub as well to ensure my skin is squeaky clean. 

Quantity and quality wise, this product gets a big thumbs-up. Neutrogena is affordable and easily available across all stores and hypermarkets. Retail price is around 3.350 KWD (prices may vary). 

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