H&M Beauty - Smokey Nudes Eye Colour Palette

When I first saw pictures of the revamped H&M Beauty collection, I was stunned. That packaging was as classy and posh as any other high-end brand. Sleek black & white with gold trims, who wouldn't love it right? When the new collection finally made way into our local H&M's in Kuwait, I couldn't even take in all of its beauty - it was even better to look at in person. Though I wanted to buy everything all at once, I controlled myself and zoomed in onto a couple of products that definitely looked promising. A compact eyeshadow palette was my first pick.
H&M Beauty - Smokey Nudes 
H&M Beauty - Smokey Nudes
To begin with, how stunning is the packaging of the palette? It looks SO beautiful as is but sadly leaves behind horrible fingerprints onto its pristine black lid. Nevertheless, it has 9 shades of nude-beige eye shadows that compliment each other nicely. 

There's a single shimmery champagne shade which is just that - shimmery. It has no powdery pigment at all - just chunky glitter. I assume its sole purpose is to be applied on top of your created eye look to oomph up the glam factor. It will sizzle up any boring look in my opinion. Then there are three satin shades that are great for overall lid application. A pretty off white with silver shimmer, a pale copper and a satiny soft brown. They are all decently pigmented.
H&M Beauty - Smokey Nudes swatches
Finally we have the five mattes of the lot. I don't even have any words for the lightest white and the black shade. I must have tried to swatch it on top of each other for over 10 times to even get it to show up on my hand. The other three are again good. There is a cool beige, another beige-brown and a rich chocolate brown. The brown is the most pigmented shade in the palette. 

I swatched them all without primer to show their "true colors" to you, LOL. They definitely apply much more vibrantly when a used over a primer. Their texture is powdery soft and have very little fall-out by the way. I'm actually surprised by this because I assumed this would have major fall-out. I also like how they've included a leaflet that helps you create your preferred choice of an eye look. I tried both of them with a few modifications for my eye shape and they turned out amazing.

The palette is decent and well worth the purchase, especially for beginners who are on a budget. The shades are moderately pigmented and give 3-4 hour longevity without any creasing (with primer). These palettes are priced at KWD 4.9 in Kuwait which I think is great value for money. 

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