Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GOSH | Kiss Me Matt Lips

GOSH Kiss Me Matt Lips

GOSH Kiss Me Matt Lips

004 Flirty Kiss

005 Irresistable Kiss
I flipped when I heard that GOSH is finally available locally in Kuwait. GOSH Darling lipstick is a cult favorite among the beauty world and I always wanted to try the brand. Alas! It was hard to get hold of so I was always grumpy about not being able to try it.

Anyhoo, now that GOSH is here I have discovered my first favorite product from the brand. Their Kiss Me Matt Lips*It is a lipstick-crayon hybrid that released a couple of months ago. It comes in six beautiful colors, provides easy application with its square-ish flat tip and oh-my-GOSH pigmentation! They are also fragrance and paraben free.
Quick Info: GOSH is a cruelty free brand.

However, there is a catch. The name is a complete bummer. Clearly these lippies are NOT "Matt". They apply smoothly and have a soft touch creamy finish. More like a semi-matte look which is incredibly comfortable to wear. I totally dig the formulation as I am not crazy about the matte lip trend anyway. Although matte lip lovers will be disappointed (and cheated) as the name is confusing. So beware.

Now onto the colors I own, there is 004 Flirty Kiss and 005 Irresistable Kiss. Flirty Kiss is a beautiful pink, a touch cooler in tone. It translates really well onto the lips and is a perfect day wear shade. I thought I was going to love this color as it is more wearable and 'safe' BUT...

Irresistable Kiss stole the show. Hands down. A deep wine red. Classic vamp shade. It is such a strong, powerful color and I am totally obsessed with it. I applied this on my lips the other day and then worked through the rest of my makeup accordingly. I would totally recommend you pick this up if you wanna step into the bolder shade category. Besides, it's perfect for holiday season.
Swatches - GOSH Kiss Me Matt Lips 
I haven't found any fault with these yet, except maybe that they aren't transfer-proof. Otherwise, the finish is semi-matte, and has great color payoff. The packaging is travel-friendly too. 

GOSH is available exclusively at Lifestyle stores across Kuwait.

Have you tried GOSH? Which products are your favorites?! 

Thank you for reading. See ya!


*PR sample

Friday, September 9, 2016

Blog Giveaway - 2

It is Giveaway time again! This year I complete 3 years of blogging in this little space of mine and I am super happy about managing to blog, albeit occasionally, for another 365 days. And while I am glad about my own determination, I'm also extremely grateful to every one of you who reads what I've got to say. Every single view means a lot to me and if I manage to help out even one person with any of my reviews, that knowledge makes my day.

So here is this little gift I have prepared for you. 

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick - Carina
2. Clarins HydraQuench Creme-Mask
3. Maybelline White SuperFresh Compact Powder - Pearl
4. Bling Nail Appliques 
5. Makeup Revolution Powder Blush - Sugar

Unlike last year, I have chosen these particular shades of makeup items on my own and I hope you approve. These will suit almost all skin tones.

Now onto the giveaway details. I have added this giveaway app below which will enter you into the draw. Last year, I had kept it on all of my social medias, and it was sooooo exhausting to go through all the entries manually. This year everything is auto-magic! LOL.

Fayhalicious 3rd Blog Birthday

Your only mandatory entry will be to enter your email address where I can contact you if you win. The others are all completely optional, and will only give you an extra entry each. 

Please note:
  • There will be one winner only.
  • The winner will be contacted within 1 week from the date on which the giveaway ends.
  • The giveaway ends three (3) weeks from today. That's September 30, 2016.
  • The giveaway is international so everyone has a fair chance of winning. However, please note that if the courier refuses to ship any of these items to your country due to any restrictions, I will have to draw another winner unfortunately. 
  • I'm only responsible for the shipping from my side. Once the gift is shipped, the winner will have to bear any customs/taxes on their end.
Any spam/giveaway accounts will not be allowed to enter. While I have kept this giveaway in an automatic giveaway bot, I will still be ensuring genuine entries are validated. Also, following for the sake of the giveaway and then unfollowing when it ends is not cool. I do have a list of people who had immediately unfollowed me as soon as the winner was announced last year. So if you are of them, beware. And don't blame me. LOL. I understand your unfollowing me if you do not like my content and such but do I need "giveaway loyalists", really? Nope.

Anyhoooo, thanks so much for being a part of my life, and I appreciate every one of you. Sending you cyber hugs! xoxo

Thursday, September 8, 2016

SoulTree | Anti-Dandruff Hair Care Duo Review

When I see products labelled Ayurveda, Herbal, Natural, Organic or Pure - I immediately zoom into every syllable to make sure that it really is what it claims to be. I love trying out products that are not only good for me but also for the environment. Thus, the brand SoulTree had been on my radar for a few months before I decided to get a few products to try. And so I did.

Today, I am reviewing two of their products together and not separately, because they are obviously a shampoo and conditioner duo which I have used one after the other every time I showered. It was easily the best way to document my experience for both in one single post rather than have two individual reviews. 

First, we have this Neem & Aloe With Cleansing Lemon Peel Shampoo. This is an 'anti-dandruff' shampoo and has a list of amazing ingredients that are natural and in their purest forms. It is also free from SLS/SLES, parabens and any animal-derived ingredients making it an all round vegan-friendly product. It has a sweet, herbal-ish scent that is pleasant without being overpowering. It also has these tiny little particles in it which I'm guessing is the lemon peel. The product comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with no fancy packaging and has a gel consistency. But does it deliver as good as it sounds?

Sadly no. And yes, I am really and truly sad to say this. Not only am I a proud supporter of Indian brands, I also love using as many natural products as I can. So you understand my high hopes regarding SoulTree despite never having tried it before. For the product itself, what I really dislike about it is the way it makes my hair extremely dry and brittle. It is so stiff and rough that I hate having to touch it even accidentally. This shampoo does not foam much either, but that is something I easily overlook. It is the SLS that makes products foam, so any formulation without it will not yield any good frothy base. I usually oil my hair prior to shampooing, and it doesn't completely remove the oil off the hair either. 

Moving on to the Hibiscus Hair Conditioner, this comes in an extremely nice plastic jar which I'm totally recycling. The scent is nice, pleasant and has all the good stuff like shikakai, henna, coconut oil, and of course hibiscus. No extra additives, silicones, parabens etc. But dang, this is another disappointment. Conditioners are supposed to soften the hair, moisturize the strands to reduce breakage, detangle the hair and what not. And this does nothing. Okay I may be lying, to be completely honest. But the maximum percentage of benefit it might have given me would be a mere 20%. Which is bad. Especially if you, the conditioner itself, claims to "nourish, strengthen and provide lustre" to the hair and don't live up to your own words. You suck.

What's more? This whole hair care duo was supposed to be "anti-dandruff" and it does nothing to get rid of that condition either. I have mild dandruff due to my hormonal imbalances and no matter what I do, it doesn't go away completely. I can only try different stuff to ensure that the condition is at its minimum and have tried effective homemade remedies to combat it overtime. However, a good rinse greatly helps to keep the scalp free of any stray flaky dandruff. And nope, this duo didn't do that either.

I have another bottle of shampoo, and a jar of conditioner to go through and I'm dreading using it. Literally. I might give SoulTree the benefit of doubt, and maybe get a different shampoo to try. I think they have a couple more in their range. But to be very honest, I'm really skeptical about them already. Besides, they only have this single conditioner in their range and I'm never getting it again in my life. It is utter useless. While I'm all for natural, chemical-free products, it is equally important for brands to actually deliver positive results and this hair care duo has done me no good. Would it be too early to write off SoulTree from my list? I don't know. Yet. 

If you have fine dandruff-prone hair that is dull and breaks easily, I do NOT recommend this shampoo and conditioner. 

The Neem & Aloe with Cleansing Lemon Peel shampoo retails at INR 295 (120ml), and the Hibiscus Hair Conditioner retails at INR 295 (100gms). Available at, 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Brand Banter: Essence Cosmetics

This is the first post on my new series "Brand Banter" where I talk about one particular brand in depth. Why I chose that brand, what have I used from the brand - their mini reviews, general pricing, availability and such. 

Today, I've a brand that's loved by a lot of people I know. It is Essence Cosmeticsa German drugstore brand which has an extensive and trendy collection of color cosmetics & fragrances. Some of its products are much raved about by everyone in the blogosphere and I've been wanting to try the brand for the longest time. Unfortunately for me, I had no idea that it was being sold in some select supermarkets in Kuwait, so when I chanced upon its counter in one of my rare trips to UTC Kuwait sometime last year, I immediately got a couple of products to try. 

When I first tried them, I was super impressed with their quality and wanted more. Obviously. In the following months, I found MSMBox sold it in India as well, at an even cheaper price which prompted me to stock up on more products.

So let's talk lipliners first. My first purchase was their Long Lasting Lip Liner in Lovely Frappuccino (KWD 1.5, UTC/Carrefour) and let me get this out there. It is my favorite nude lip liner ever since I bought it last year. I reach for this most often when I want to wear a nude lip. It is the perfect mix of dusty-pink, brown, beige with warm undertones. What's more appealing is it is creamy and applies very smoothly. ABSOLUTELY NO TUGGING. And to be very honest, I really didn't expect much from it when I first bought it. This is definitely a repurchase.

From my MSM order, I picked 2 more lip liners. These are from their 'regular' range I guess as they have different packaging from the Long Lasting ones. Also they are in wooden pencil form which you'll need to sharpen obvs, while the Long Lasting range comes in twist up style. The colors I have are In The Nude and Satin Mauve. In The Nude is a beautiful peach brown and extremely warm in tone. It is the great base for any nude lip look. This is best suited for pale to medium skin tones. Satin Mauve is a mid-tone mauve shade that looks amazing in swatches but I hate how it looks on my lips. Don't get me wrong, the color is great and it happens to be one of their popular shades, but I can't like it. Maybe it has something to do with my own lip pigmentation which clashes with it and somehow the end result does not appeal to me. As you can see from the swatches, it is very similar to Lovely Frappuccino, (and even to Barely There lipstick) however Satin Mauve is a lot cooler in person. 

Moving on to eyes, I only have one Long Lasting eye pencil in shade C'est La Vie!. A shimmery silver. I got it because it has been a while since I had a silver eyeliner. This eyeliner is nicely pigmented (a bit patchy though) and once you apply it, it does not budge for the most part. The glitter does move around a bit here and there but the overall line doesn't fade. Works on waterline too. Me likes. 

Next we have something for my Ball Face. This Silky Touch blush in Adorable (KWD 1.5, UTC/Carrefour) is a light pink color and has a satin finish. The (shimmer?) is so, so fine that it gives a seriously adorable glow to the cheeks. Besides the color is light so it makes cheeks look natural. However, I have to admit the product is super pigmented and buttery soft BUT does fall out a bit when you swipe your brush across the pan which is a shame.

Finally I have two lipsticks from their Long Lasting range in shades Barely There and Natural Beauty. Barely There (KWD 1.750/INR 299, UTC/Carrefour/MSMBox) is a deeper, browny nude which looks nice but not a color I'd reach for blindly. I like having a bit of pink or peach in my nudes. A
nd funnily enough, this shade also looks slightly mauve on me but guess what? It looks pretty good. Natural Beauty is a pinky nude and swatches opaque in one swipe. The color is still subdued which makes it perfect for grocery shopping when you don't wanna look too made-up but still wanna look decent enough to be out and about. LOL. Out of the two, Natural Beauty wins for me hands down.

So there you have it, my current Essence collection. I do have another Long Lasting lip liner somewhere in the house, but I couldn't find it duh. As of now, I am extremely happy with my current stash, except Satin Mauve, and their quality and packaging is good too. All of the products are nicely pigmented. There is one con though, I don't think the lipsticks are that "long lasting" and they do transfer. Overall, Essence Cosmetics is cruelty free, and affordable and it gets a big thumbs up from me*. 

Have you tried any of these products and which did you like the most? I'd love to know what are your Essence favorites so I may check them out next time. 


*based on products I currently own.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Summer Lovin' Tag

New tag, yayayay! I rarely do tags on any of my social media or blogs, so I get really excited when I come across one.

The ever sweet Ash (IG: @MsTantrum) from has tagged me to do this fun one, and here's my top picks that I'm reaching for lately. I haven't pictured all of them here. Sorry.

Favorite Perfume

I am loyal to no fragrance brand, and I use anything and everything right from Bath & Body Works fragrance mists to the high-end ones. Lately, I have brought out Givenchy Eau De Moiselle after many months from a corner in my cupboard. I love the old world charm it exudes from the flacon to its scintillating floral scent with hints of citrus. It gives a feeling of some "lady" from a different time. You'll know when you try it on.

I adore a couple of perfumes that I've saved up for VERY special occasions, because they're Limited Edition and discontinued. They're both having excellent sillage. Philosophy's Inner Grace is clean, fresh and beautiful. It's also discontinued and I don't know why. I was legit loyal to it. Another one of my absolute loves is The Body Shop's LE White Musk (Summer Glow) EDT. Its a citrusy take on their cult-favorite White Musk fragrance. AND it is better than their cult-favorite White Musk fragrance. Take my word for it. It was released for their Summer '13 & '14 campaign and they don't do it anymore.

Favorite Lipstick

The same goes with lipstick, I have no absolute favorite! But I do have a favorite color - I adore orangey-corals above every other color made for lips. ALL YEAR. It brings about a fresh, poppin' wake-me-up feeling. I know red lipstick does that for a lot of people, you put it on and look from drab to fab in seconds. For me, its orange. Its literally ME in a lip color. I'm fond of my YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #14 and currently loving the Colourpop Lippie Stix in Safari. 

Another one of my favoritest lip color, though not a coral, is Bourjois Rouge Velvet in #04 Peach Club. It allows me to try a bold lip without being too dark. And while I'm not a matte lip lover, this one helps me to rock a comfortable matte lip look sans the dryness/crusty-ness. 

Favorite Blush

Peachy-corals again. My favorite-est blush ever was Bourjois Pot Blush in #72 Tomette a true orange. I haven't repurchased it again as I want to try different brands. I still go for orangey, peachy-pinks and neutrals. I can never try a bright color for cheeks, LOL. I'm currently loving Essence blush in Adorable (a light pink with satin finish) and Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Holiday (a matte peachy-pink). They are fresh and oh-so-summery.

Favorite Clothing Item

Maxi dresses. Hands down. Always. Forever. They're my favorite item to wear, and if a clothing item could define me, its a maxi dress. I think it keeps me modest enough whilst being trendy. I have an ever-growing collection, and am totally proud of it. I usually go for flowing ones & I only own a single body-hugging one and its the least worn. If I'm not rocking a maxi dress, it will be a flowing maxi skirt with shirts tucked in. I don't have any superior fashion sense, I wear them all year round.

Favorite TV Show

I am not a TV "addict" though I do watch quite a lot of it. But I repeat, I am NOT an addict. I enjoy watching the classic Friends, and would watch its episodes repeatedly. I used to watch Castle a few years ago, left it mid-season when I traveled. Didn't bother catching up. I watch Game Of Thrones without fail as soon as it airs come spring. I am a GoT addict, not TV! LOL. I like the Community series as well. I usually do a marathon watch on any of these.

When it comes to Asian dramas, I enjoy Pakistani serials more than Indian for their stories. They finish faster, are to the point without that unnecessary background music and countless head-turns. A couple of them that have stayed with me throughout the years are Mastana Mahi and Humsafar. And I mostly watch any Indian serial that's playing on the TV to get any ideas for traditional clothing, and jewellery. Their stories are anyway bullsh*t. LOL.

Favorite Movie

Hmm, I don't believe I'm a movie addict either. I'm mostly a book addict so I usually am loyal to their movie series-counterparts. Like Harry Potter. I absolutely love The Sound of Music and I sing-along to all the songs in my scraggly voice without a care in the world. In Bollywood, I have countless favorites but not THE ultimate one yet.

Favorite Drink

Water. Coconut water. Flavored Milk. Fresh Juices. My absolute favorites are a Chickoo milkshake, Mango Smoothie, Avocado Smoothie, Carrot Juice and Pineapple Juice. Everything fresh - no sugar added. Since some of these items are seasonal, I freeze them for all-year use. Yay me. I might have a soft drink once in 3-4 months. Usually an orange soda or limonchello. I stay away from everything fizzy. 

Favorite Food

Ahh, now we're talking eh? Potatoes are my love. I can eat anything and everything made with potatoes. You fry, bake, roast, boil or you gimme raw and I'll eat it. Okay, maybe not the last one. A baked potato with cheese, please?

In terms of cuisine, I love my desi food. Especially thaalis like Rajasthani, Gujarati and Punjabi thaalis. They're a food lovers' delight. I'm also a South Indian addict for Dosa, Medu Vadas and Uttapam. Going international my favorite choice is (of course) Italian. All that creamy, cheesy goodness is Fayhalicious approved. If I'm not interested in cooking any traditional desi khana, its gonna be pasta. 

Whoa, that's pretty much it. I loved writing this tag and instead of "Summer" Lovin', it turned out be my All Time Favorites tag. But that's me. I am not really seasonal with my lifestyle choices. I only put on a thick, woollen coat in winter, otherwise I'm pretty much the same.

I took too long to write this tag, and summer's pretty much over. (Not here, its another month until the weather turns in Kuwait!). Anyone can do the tag though. I love reading insider stories of my fave bloggers!

Hope you enjoyed this!


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vichy | Ideal Soleil 3-in-1 Tinted Anti-Dark Spots Care SPF 50+

You know those times when you are in no mood to apply a full face of foundation, concealer, powder, blush, highlighter and dayumm! It's already so hot, but you really need to go out and you can't scare people with your tired, patchy skin. Well, I've found something that might help with this situation. Ta-dah! Vichy has added a new member to its Ideal Soleil range: the 3-in-1 Tinted Anti-Dark Spots Care SPF 50+*. 

This comes in the typical bright orangey-yellow tube that makes up the Sun Care range of Vichy. It claims to work at targeting any pigmentation or spots that you already have whilst also providing a whopping SPF 50 to block out UVA/UVB rays. I think that's really commendable that a product has such a high SPF. I haven't used any "makeup" product with an SPF this high.

So, does this have a flashback on camera? Yes, slightly. It doesn't look too bad though, and a mattifying powder can solve the issue. It also (claims to) clear any pigmentation marks with daily use as its enriched witPhe-Resorcinol but since I don't have any spots, I cannot comment on that.

The moisturizer has a creamy texture and spreads evenly without any patchiness. The finish is not matte but it isn't very shiny either, and the effect is natural and glowing. Kuwait has over 45 degrees Celsius temperature at the moment, and this hasn't melted off on me, although my skin got a bit oily after 3 hours of being out and about.

So far, so good. But there has to be something that isn't right with the product... It can't be all that good, no?
Left hand has Vichy tinted moisturizer blended thinly over it. It looks slightly more evened out and glowing than the right hand.

Yup. What I really dislike about this product is the lack of shades. This is the only shade in the Middle East, and if you're someone with really dark or really pale skin this would be a disaster to use. I have fair skin with neutral undertones and this is a tiny bit darker for me as well. I make it work by mixing a little moisturizer with it, which makes its 'light coverage' even lighter. Somehow the color ends up matching my skin so I'm not complaining there. My skin is in top condition at the moment (as good as it can get if you have acne-prone skin!) so I'm not really needing any extra coverage. I only want my skin to even out and this does the job perfectly. If you have any persistent spots or pigmentation, you'll definitely need concealer on top. 

I'm enjoying using this currently and I have no complaints whatsoever. My base is light, fresh and stays put in the heat. Moreover, since I am not putting too many products on my face, the "melting cake-face" scenario is easily avoided. I would totally recommend this to anyone who is looking for a "summer moisturizer" that gives a hint of color. I believe Vichy gives out samples so you really must try it before making a blind purchase should you feel the color might not suit your skin tone. Or at least apply it in store, then see if it oxidizes on your skin in half an hour or so while you shop around, as products with SPF usually tend to do so. 

Hope you've found this helpful, until next time!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

theBalm Cosmetics | Mr. Write (NOW) Eyeliner - Brian B. Beige

theBalm Cosmetics - Mr Write (NOW) eyeliner Brian. B. Beige

theBalm Cosmetics - Mr Write (NOW) eyeliner Brian. B. Beige
For the longest time I wanted a nude eyeliner, and I finally found my almost-holy grail in theBalm's Brian B. Beige eyeliner from its Mr. Write (NOW) range.

For one, theBalm is cruelty-free and this range is almost all vegan (except for Raj & Scott eyeliners). I dunno, I've been feeling very vegan lately with my makeup. And although the transition is very, very slow but yes, I do see myself going for vegan alternatives in my beauty products in the future. For now, I'm satisfied I have at least one item that is completely vegan. 

Brian (0.28g) comes in classic twist-up style pencil packaging (very retro), no sharpening needed. It is the perfect beige color with no shimmer/glitter and all that extra jazz. Just plain ol' nude eyeliner that's going to make your eyes look bigger, wider and more awake. I love how easy & soft it is to use, no tugging feeling at all. However, you might need to apply it more than once to get an opaque finish. Sadly it isn't massively pigmented. I hate pencils that are too hard/waxy to begin with, and then you drag them across your eyelids/eyes and it hurts so much. This isn't like that. It is soft, like I mentioned above, but with "above average" pigmentation which is totally cool with me. I can make anything work as long as it doesn't hurt my eyes, yo!
theBalm Cosmetics - Mr Write (NOW) eyeliner Brian. B. Beige
theBalm Cosmetics - Mr Write (NOW) eyeliner Brian. B. Beige
What I'm not cool with, however, is its longevity. I have very watery eyes, and people always find a tear leaking out of my eyes with me having no clue about it. So for someone like me, this lasts maybe an hour? A maximum of 1.5 hours on the waterline. It is such a shame because it works completely great on my friend who swears it lasts for a good 3-4 hours on her after which it fades. Let me point out that it lasts longer on me too and does not smudge if I apply it on my upper & lower lash lines though. So my only real trouble is my waterline which refuses to accept any eyeliner for a longer period of time. It isn't Brian's fault, really!

I mean, how disappointing is it that I find my holy grail eyeliner only to find out that it doesn't work that well on me. I usually have no issues with any products that need retouching because lets face it, brands manufacture products with a "mass-market approach". So it is always a hit-miss situation no matter what, and I truly appreciate their efforts. With this eyeliner too, I'm still very fond of it and would happily reapply throughout the day but you know how it is. You just can't pull out your mirror randomly all the time & anywhere and go retouching your waterlines, right? So for those rare occasions when I can't, I'll need an alternative that will last longer on me. Any suggestions?

This eyeliner is definitely one of my favorites because it works wonderfully otherwise. It is a bit on the expensive side at KWD 8.900 (for me) but it is a 100 times better than the NYX Wonder pencil that I have used previously. Will I repurchase? Its too early to say that as I've yet to use it up completely (that'll take me a year, LOL) and if I find a better alternative until then, I might probably not.

What are your favorite nude eyeliner pencils? I'd love to know your holy grails, drugstore and high-end, so I have a wider choice the next time I raid Boots or Sephora. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Real Techniques | Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

It has been so many years since I started watching beauty tutorials on blogs and YouTube, and every other person has this bright pink sponge that they use to apply a variety of products onto their face. For the longest time, I thought I needed one but I never actually bought one. Time passed, and more and more companies introduced their own versions of the coveted sponge that'll blend away your imperfections in a jiffy. So it was only a matter of time before I succumbed to the pressure and ended up with a bright orange one in my hand, all damp and soft and ready to fight the battle against my beauty woes. And voila, I had a flawless face! Like whaaaat? Me? Really? This really must be a magic sponge.

The reason why I picked Miracle Complexion Sponge (KWD 3.5, Lifestyle) and not any other was:

First, I'd read that this was the closest dupe to the infamous pink 'beautyblender'. Two, it was for half the price of the beautyblender. And third, it was by my favorite makeup brush brand. And come on, that bright orange color is one heck of an eye catcher, innit? I'm not a fan of pink anyway.

All reasons aside, this sponge feels really soft, and really weird. Like it feels nothing like all the sponges I have used for my various crafting projects in school, or like the dish washing sponges that you'd use to clean your grimy, sticky utensils (ScotchBrite?!). This feels very different, I believe it is some special polymer-monomer thing that doesn't eat way too much product and bla bla. I don't know the details myself so I won't bore you either.

With my extensive knowledge of how these things work (Thanks, YouTube!), I immediately sprayed a decent amount of Avene Thermal Spring Water onto it and it gobbled it right up looking just the same as ever, just slightly damp. The first time I tested it, I used a medium coverage foundation and I swiped it across my face so I ended up with light coverage (I believe I over-dampened my sponge too). So, I backtracked and used it with a dabbing motion that I have seen KathleenLights do for ages. A much better finish, slightly more coverage too and I was mind-blown with its blending. There was no patchiness, and it was really easy to build up the product where you needed extra coverage without streaking, or making it look cakey.

Fast forward 4 months to today, I have been using Miracle Complexion Sponge almost every day since. And I've also found what works for me, and what doesn't. While this can be used both wet and dry, I cannot for the life of me get a decent coverage or finish when I use it dry. It becomes patchy on me, streaks a lot and I just hate how it makes me look overall. So I always dampen it before I use. The flat side of the sponge is great for applying loose powder under the eyes, and it works really well for that "baking technique" hype that's doing the round since last year. I personally am not a fan of it, but I've tried it a couple of times and it did make the job fairly easy. The pointed tip of the sponge makes blending a contour cream around the nose a breeze while the overall product is great for blending face contour. It even works amazingly for applying fake-tan for a seamless, soft focus finish.

While I'm still very attached to my makeup brushes, there is no denying that sponges do make the job easier, especially when you want to build up the intensity of your foundation without making it look too heavy. I absolutely love my Miracle Complexion Sponge, and I would gladly purchase more sponges (from different brands) to see how they compete against each other. Beautyblender, I'm coming for ya!
Miracle Complexion Sponge and Sculpting brush from Real Techniques. Read about the Sculpting brush here
Would you rather use a beauty sponge or a makeup brush? Have you tried Miracle Complexion Sponge or any other brand? How do you use your sponge, and how often do you clean it? I'd love to know in the comments below. Meanwhile, I'd love to know you more so come pop over to my Instagram at @Fayhalicious for random beauty & lifestyle musings. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Real Techniques | Sculpting Brush

Real Techniques Sculpting brush

It is no secret that Real Techniques happens to be my favorite makeup brush brand. It was from this brand that I bought my first one, the Angled Foundation brush and since then we've become close pals with me reaching inadvertently towards the RT counter as soon as I enter Boots or Lifestyle. 

Recently I acquired this stunning beauty, and I just cannot stop raving about it. And I might as well declare that this happens to be my most favorite brush of my growing collection after the Buffing brush. Presenting to you, the Sculpting brush by Real Techniques (KWD 6, Lifestyle).

It was launched sometime a year ago, but I only got it during the 2015 winter holidays along with their Miracle Complexion Sponge. It is an angled brush with dense bristles that make cream or powder products blend beautifully. I have found its sole purpose in applying my foundation, as due to its angled cut it fits every curve of my face perfectly, something I believe the Buffing brush took a tad bit longer to do. However, it also works nicely as a cheek brush to apply blush and bronzer, although be sure to use a very light hand and slowly build up the intensity. I ended up with clown cheeks the first time I used a blush with it, as it picked up way more product from the pan than I intended to apply.

Although it is named as a "sculpting" brush, I find it a bit too large for actual sculpting. Instead, I have to use a small, fine brush to draw out the contour all over my face from my contouring palette and then use this brush to blend it seamlessly for a flawless, contoured face. If I could rename it, I'd definitely go for "Expert Blending Brush" perhaps, LOL.
I think I have heard one of the Pixiwoo sisters mentioning on their YouTube channel that it is almost exactly like their Expert Face brush, except that this is angled while the other isn't. I cannot confirm that as I do not own an EFB (yet). However, I can vouch for it being one of the best brush investments you'll make if you're looking for a great multi-tasker for foundation, powder, bronzer and blush. You can easily get away with just this brush for your entire face if you're not that much into makeup and want an essential pick, or are only just starting out with makeup.

What are your Real Techniques favorites? Is the Sculpting brush among them? If so, what else do you use it for? I'd love to know what you think of it in the comments section below or come say Hi to me on Instagram at @Fayhalicious

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bioderma | Hydrabio Serum

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum
Bioderma Hydrabio Serum
I reviewed Bioderma's Hydrabio Creme here and I've got a review of their Hydrabio Serum today. They both come from the same range "Hydrabio" and hence compliment each other's efficacy.

Hydrabio Serum is a targeted serum that works on replenishing the moisture content in the skin naturally with its "Aquagenium" patent. It is somewhat like a timed-release formula which continues to trigger the skin and forces it to add moisture into it by stimulating the natural water channels of the skin (aquaporins). This helps to activate the skin's natural process of hydrating itself without having to rely too heavily on outside factors. 

Hydrabio Serum is directed for use by "very dehydrated, sensitive skin" but it can still be used by all skin types. While I feel it might be way too light for skin that's too dehydrated or too dry, it works surprisingly well for my normal-to-oily (summer) and normal-to-dry (winter) skin. I do suffer from dehydration and I have noticed a good deal of improvement in the way my skin naturally produces oils and maintains elasticity (in winter) whereas until last year, my skin used to flake a lot during the drier months of the year, especially around the mouth area. 

The serum is colorless and feels much like a primer to the touch. It smooths out the skin surface whilst still feeling light on the skin. It also works great as a makeup base, I believe the glycerin in the serum is responsible for it. 

I have not yet gone off the serum so as to see if my skin continues to hydrate itself without the need of it. I am really intrigued whether it activates the skin to work only while it is applied or even after stopping its use. I'll add in my thoughts later on that. For now, I can highly recommend you try this range, especially if you suffer from dehydrated skin, regardless if your skin type is oily or dry. If its way too dry however, you'll have to reapply a lot more often, but it is one of the mildest ranges I've come across and I think its totally worth the spend. I am currently using Hydrabio Creme alongside the serum and have certainly felt a remarkable difference in my skin. 

Hydrabio Serum (40ml) is priced at KWD 9.300 (Boots) and is easily available across all AAW pharmacies, Boots stores across Kuwait. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Bioderma | Hydrabio Creme

Bioderma Hydrabio Creme
Bioderma Hydrabio Creme
Bioderma is one brand that I can easily trust with my skin. I have never faced any skin allergies and mostly everything I have tried has given good results. So when winter arrived in full swing, I put their Hydrabio range to the test. Their Hydrabio Serum and Hydrabio Creme to be precise.

Hydrabio range is basically designed to combat skin dryness in dry to very dry skin types. Skin dehydration is one of the main causes of dull & flaky skin, and it can occur in both oily and dry skin types. Hydrabio Creme (with patented Aquagenium biological complex to increase skin hydration) is targeted for those women who have dry, dehydrated skin whereas the Gel-Creme version works for normal to oily skin tones. Although I fall in the latter category, I still went for the dry skin version because my skin feels extremely dry and stretched during winters. And boy, am I glad about my pick! 

Most skin creams or lotions for dry skin are very rich in texture. This one isn't greasy or heavy at all, in fact it has a very light, balmy texture. As soon as you apply it, it takes hardly half a minute to get completely absorbed by the skin leaving no oily residue. When that happened for the time, I was confused as to whether I should slather more of it to stay adequately hydrated but that wasn't necessary. My skin feels smooth and moisturized without any greasy feeling that I have something on. I use it after Bioderma's Hydrabio Serum (reviewed here), which is a targeted-action serum to give immediate hydration boost. The combined action of both gives me about 5 hours of super-soft and plump skin, after which I do feel the need to reapply. I'm okay with that as I face the same issue with other brands as well. 

If you want a lightly textured cream to combat your normal-to-dry skin, then I'd totally recommend this. However, if you have extremely dry skin then I feel this won't be of much help. It works great for my normal-to-oily skin, so I doubt it would fare as well on skin that's even more prone to dryness. 

A bit on the pricier side at KWD 8.800, Hydrabio Creme along with all Bioderma products are available in Boots stores & AAW pharmacies across Kuwait. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rimmel | Wonder'full Mascara

Rimmel Wonder'full mascara
Rimmel Wonder'full mascara
Rimmel Wonder'full mascara
It took me so long to review this mascara, and that's sad because I tend to reach for this all the time lately whilst ignoring the rest. Wonder'full mascara by Rimmel isn't a new release, in fact I think it was launched over a year ago but I only got it about 2 months back.

The mascara comes in a glossy bronze fat tube and is enriched with Argan oil that claims to nourish lashes while giving volume and definition. Let me be honest, the Argan oil did it for me! I love anything related to pure essential oils because they're the purest form of skin and hair nourishment ever, IMO. I had this mascara on my wishlist ever since it was announced and when I finally got it, I wasn't disappointed. What I love about this mascara is that it separates my lashes beautifully while adding definition and a natural hint of volume.

And let me be clear from the start : if you want tons of volume and lift, you need to stop reading right here because this mascara ain't got that booty, babyIt doesn't pack on oodles of volume that shows. All it does is give your lashes a bit of a boost to wake them up. This works especially great when you've got nothing on the eyes and just need your lashes to look natural but groomed. It has a light formula and is totally clump-free which makes lashes fan out without looking spidery. You can easily pass off as claiming your lashes are absolutely real with no mascara on, (I know coz I do and they all believe me!). 

If you are looking for defined lashes with a little hint of volume for every day use, Rimmel's Wonder'full mascara should definitely be on your list! 

Which is your favorite mascara? Would you give Wonder'full mascara a try?

Price - KWD 4.200 (available in Boots, Lifestyle stores across Kuwait).