Rimmel | Wonder'full Mascara

Rimmel Wonder'full mascara
Rimmel Wonder'full mascara
Rimmel Wonder'full mascara
It took me so long to review this mascara, and that's sad because I tend to reach for this all the time lately whilst ignoring the rest. Wonder'full mascara by Rimmel isn't a new release, in fact I think it was launched over a year ago but I only got it about 2 months back.

The mascara comes in a glossy bronze fat tube and is enriched with Argan oil that claims to nourish lashes while giving volume and definition. Let me be honest, the Argan oil did it for me! I love anything related to pure essential oils because they're the purest form of skin and hair nourishment ever, IMO. I had this mascara on my wishlist ever since it was announced and when I finally got it, I wasn't disappointed. What I love about this mascara is that it separates my lashes beautifully while adding definition and a natural hint of volume.

And let me be clear from the start : if you want tons of volume and lift, you need to stop reading right here because this mascara ain't got that booty, babyIt doesn't pack on oodles of volume that shows. All it does is give your lashes a bit of a boost to wake them up. This works especially great when you've got nothing on the eyes and just need your lashes to look natural but groomed. It has a light formula and is totally clump-free which makes lashes fan out without looking spidery. You can easily pass off as claiming your lashes are absolutely real with no mascara on, (I know coz I do and they all believe me!). 

If you are looking for defined lashes with a little hint of volume for every day use, Rimmel's Wonder'full mascara should definitely be on your list! 

Which is your favorite mascara? Would you give Wonder'full mascara a try?

Price - KWD 4.200 (available in Boots, Lifestyle stores across Kuwait).

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