Wednesday, June 1, 2016

theBalm Cosmetics | Mr. Write (NOW) Eyeliner - Brian B. Beige

theBalm Cosmetics - Mr Write (NOW) eyeliner Brian. B. Beige

theBalm Cosmetics - Mr Write (NOW) eyeliner Brian. B. Beige
For the longest time I wanted a nude eyeliner, and I finally found my almost-holy grail in theBalm's Brian B. Beige eyeliner from its Mr. Write (NOW) range.

For one, theBalm is cruelty-free and this range is almost all vegan (except for Raj & Scott eyeliners). I dunno, I've been feeling very vegan lately with my makeup. And although the transition is very, very slow but yes, I do see myself going for vegan alternatives in my beauty products in the future. For now, I'm satisfied I have at least one item that is completely vegan. 

Brian (0.28g) comes in classic twist-up style pencil packaging (very retro), no sharpening needed. It is the perfect beige color with no shimmer/glitter and all that extra jazz. Just plain ol' nude eyeliner that's going to make your eyes look bigger, wider and more awake. I love how easy & soft it is to use, no tugging feeling at all. However, you might need to apply it more than once to get an opaque finish. Sadly it isn't massively pigmented. I hate pencils that are too hard/waxy to begin with, and then you drag them across your eyelids/eyes and it hurts so much. This isn't like that. It is soft, like I mentioned above, but with "above average" pigmentation which is totally cool with me. I can make anything work as long as it doesn't hurt my eyes, yo!
theBalm Cosmetics - Mr Write (NOW) eyeliner Brian. B. Beige
theBalm Cosmetics - Mr Write (NOW) eyeliner Brian. B. Beige
What I'm not cool with, however, is its longevity. I have very watery eyes, and people always find a tear leaking out of my eyes with me having no clue about it. So for someone like me, this lasts maybe an hour? A maximum of 1.5 hours on the waterline. It is such a shame because it works completely great on my friend who swears it lasts for a good 3-4 hours on her after which it fades. Let me point out that it lasts longer on me too and does not smudge if I apply it on my upper & lower lash lines though. So my only real trouble is my waterline which refuses to accept any eyeliner for a longer period of time. It isn't Brian's fault, really!

I mean, how disappointing is it that I find my holy grail eyeliner only to find out that it doesn't work that well on me. I usually have no issues with any products that need retouching because lets face it, brands manufacture products with a "mass-market approach". So it is always a hit-miss situation no matter what, and I truly appreciate their efforts. With this eyeliner too, I'm still very fond of it and would happily reapply throughout the day but you know how it is. You just can't pull out your mirror randomly all the time & anywhere and go retouching your waterlines, right? So for those rare occasions when I can't, I'll need an alternative that will last longer on me. Any suggestions?

This eyeliner is definitely one of my favorites because it works wonderfully otherwise. It is a bit on the expensive side at KWD 8.900 (for me) but it is a 100 times better than the NYX Wonder pencil that I have used previously. Will I repurchase? Its too early to say that as I've yet to use it up completely (that'll take me a year, LOL) and if I find a better alternative until then, I might probably not.

What are your favorite nude eyeliner pencils? I'd love to know your holy grails, drugstore and high-end, so I have a wider choice the next time I raid Boots or Sephora. 

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