Vichy | Ideal Soleil 3-in-1 Tinted Anti-Dark Spots Care SPF 50+

You know those times when you are in no mood to apply a full face of foundation, concealer, powder, blush, highlighter and dayumm! It's already so hot, but you really need to go out and you can't scare people with your tired, patchy skin. Well, I've found something that might help with this situation. Ta-dah! Vichy has added a new member to its Ideal Soleil range: the 3-in-1 Tinted Anti-Dark Spots Care SPF 50+*. 

This comes in the typical bright orangey-yellow tube that makes up the Sun Care range of Vichy. It claims to work at targeting any pigmentation or spots that you already have whilst also providing a whopping SPF 50 to block out UVA/UVB rays. I think that's really commendable that a product has such a high SPF. I haven't used any "makeup" product with an SPF this high.

So, does this have a flashback on camera? Yes, slightly. It doesn't look too bad though, and a mattifying powder can solve the issue. It also (claims to) clear any pigmentation marks with daily use as its enriched witPhe-Resorcinol but since I don't have any spots, I cannot comment on that.

The moisturizer has a creamy texture and spreads evenly without any patchiness. The finish is not matte but it isn't very shiny either, and the effect is natural and glowing. Kuwait has over 45 degrees Celsius temperature at the moment, and this hasn't melted off on me, although my skin got a bit oily after 3 hours of being out and about.

So far, so good. But there has to be something that isn't right with the product... It can't be all that good, no?
Left hand has Vichy tinted moisturizer blended thinly over it. It looks slightly more evened out and glowing than the right hand.

Yup. What I really dislike about this product is the lack of shades. This is the only shade in the Middle East, and if you're someone with really dark or really pale skin this would be a disaster to use. I have fair skin with neutral undertones and this is a tiny bit darker for me as well. I make it work by mixing a little moisturizer with it, which makes its 'light coverage' even lighter. Somehow the color ends up matching my skin so I'm not complaining there. My skin is in top condition at the moment (as good as it can get if you have acne-prone skin!) so I'm not really needing any extra coverage. I only want my skin to even out and this does the job perfectly. If you have any persistent spots or pigmentation, you'll definitely need concealer on top. 

I'm enjoying using this currently and I have no complaints whatsoever. My base is light, fresh and stays put in the heat. Moreover, since I am not putting too many products on my face, the "melting cake-face" scenario is easily avoided. I would totally recommend this to anyone who is looking for a "summer moisturizer" that gives a hint of color. I believe Vichy gives out samples so you really must try it before making a blind purchase should you feel the color might not suit your skin tone. Or at least apply it in store, then see if it oxidizes on your skin in half an hour or so while you shop around, as products with SPF usually tend to do so. 

Hope you've found this helpful, until next time!

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