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Fayhalicious was started in September 2013 to provide my personal opinions, reviews, how-tos on all things beauty - maypuk, skin & hair care and natural remedies. Also a little bit of this n that like travels, shopping trips, some ranting and a lot of nothingness - just whatever I've been up to. 

PS. I've called "makeup" : may-puk since I was very young. I still do.

I focus mainly on reviewing cosmetics, skin care and hair care products. I am an ardent fan of Ayurveda, and Aromatherapy so you'll find that most of my skin care reviews and DIY revolves around pure, organic products and remedies. You'd find reviews of all of the products that are tried and tested till date by yours truly! 

My blog may not be full of the newest/on-trend product reviews; that's because I usually buy or use stuff according to what suits my fancy and not because I jump at the first announcement of a newest product release! 

Fayhalicious' policies and disclaimers are separately mentioned in the extreme right of the Header tab under "Disclosures". 

Finally, an important and needed acknowledgment: Many million thanks goes to my Mom, who always encourages my independent growth and never fails to motivate me.

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