BEAUTY | Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Mascara

I've always been a fan of the original formula Colossal mascara (read review) and this review is no different. There is only a slight variation to this "Go Extreme" (AKA "Pumped Up" otherwise) version which I'll list below. 

To start with, the mascara wand has a curvy double pumping action which delivers extra product (huh?) and so it maximizes lashes upto 20x more than the original. So does it actually deliver what it claims? Well, no. At least not for me. I applied the original version and the "extreme" version on my lashes and the results were more or less the same. 

To fathom why Maybelline would churn out copies of the same mascara in the same tube with different prints on them while the product delivers the same results is questionable. I mean, there was "Smokey Eyes", then "Cat Eyes", now the "Go Extreme" and finally "Go Extreme Leather Black". Instead, just go and launch a new product with a new name, new packaging, new formula and different benefits. Maybe that would suck in more buyers (me included!). Like, I am definitely liking the look of the new Lash Sensational btw.

Aside from my rant, the Colossal Volum' does happen to be one of my favorite mascaras, it makes my sparse lashes fuller and defined. And yes, NO clumping. AT ALL. This has one of the best formulas I have tried. I like its results way better than some other mascaras that I have used over the years so I am not entirely complaining about the product (either the original or this Go Extreme one), I just think the marketing strategy for Colossal is getting a bit boring. 

Price: KWD 3.750 

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