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Bioderma Hydrabio Creme
Bioderma Hydrabio Creme
Bioderma is one brand that I can easily trust with my skin. I have never faced any skin allergies and mostly everything I have tried has given good results. So when winter arrived in full swing, I put their Hydrabio range to the test. Their Hydrabio Serum and Hydrabio Creme to be precise.

Hydrabio range is basically designed to combat skin dryness in dry to very dry skin types. Skin dehydration is one of the main causes of dull & flaky skin, and it can occur in both oily and dry skin types. Hydrabio Creme (with patented Aquagenium biological complex to increase skin hydration) is targeted for those women who have dry, dehydrated skin whereas the Gel-Creme version works for normal to oily skin tones. Although I fall in the latter category, I still went for the dry skin version because my skin feels extremely dry and stretched during winters. And boy, am I glad about my pick! 

Most skin creams or lotions for dry skin are very rich in texture. This one isn't greasy or heavy at all, in fact it has a very light, balmy texture. As soon as you apply it, it takes hardly half a minute to get completely absorbed by the skin leaving no oily residue. When that happened for the time, I was confused as to whether I should slather more of it to stay adequately hydrated but that wasn't necessary. My skin feels smooth and moisturized without any greasy feeling that I have something on. I use it after Bioderma's Hydrabio Serum (reviewed here), which is a targeted-action serum to give immediate hydration boost. The combined action of both gives me about 5 hours of super-soft and plump skin, after which I do feel the need to reapply. I'm okay with that as I face the same issue with other brands as well. 

If you want a lightly textured cream to combat your normal-to-dry skin, then I'd totally recommend this. However, if you have extremely dry skin then I feel this won't be of much help. It works great for my normal-to-oily skin, so I doubt it would fare as well on skin that's even more prone to dryness. 

A bit on the pricier side at KWD 8.800, Hydrabio Creme along with all Bioderma products are available in Boots stores & AAW pharmacies across Kuwait. 

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