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Bioderma Hydrabio Serum
Bioderma Hydrabio Serum
I reviewed Bioderma's Hydrabio Creme here and I've got a review of their Hydrabio Serum today. They both come from the same range "Hydrabio" and hence compliment each other's efficacy.

Hydrabio Serum is a targeted serum that works on replenishing the moisture content in the skin naturally with its "Aquagenium" patent. It is somewhat like a timed-release formula which continues to trigger the skin and forces it to add moisture into it by stimulating the natural water channels of the skin (aquaporins). This helps to activate the skin's natural process of hydrating itself without having to rely too heavily on outside factors. 

Hydrabio Serum is directed for use by "very dehydrated, sensitive skin" but it can still be used by all skin types. While I feel it might be way too light for skin that's too dehydrated or too dry, it works surprisingly well for my normal-to-oily (summer) and normal-to-dry (winter) skin. I do suffer from dehydration and I have noticed a good deal of improvement in the way my skin naturally produces oils and maintains elasticity (in winter) whereas until last year, my skin used to flake a lot during the drier months of the year, especially around the mouth area. 

The serum is colorless and feels much like a primer to the touch. It smooths out the skin surface whilst still feeling light on the skin. It also works great as a makeup base, I believe the glycerin in the serum is responsible for it. 

I have not yet gone off the serum so as to see if my skin continues to hydrate itself without the need of it. I am really intrigued whether it activates the skin to work only while it is applied or even after stopping its use. I'll add in my thoughts later on that. For now, I can highly recommend you try this range, especially if you suffer from dehydrated skin, regardless if your skin type is oily or dry. If its way too dry however, you'll have to reapply a lot more often, but it is one of the mildest ranges I've come across and I think its totally worth the spend. I am currently using Hydrabio Creme alongside the serum and have certainly felt a remarkable difference in my skin. 

Hydrabio Serum (40ml) is priced at KWD 9.300 (Boots) and is easily available across all AAW pharmacies, Boots stores across Kuwait. 

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