The Summer Lovin' Tag

New tag, yayayay! I rarely do tags on any of my social media or blogs, so I get really excited when I come across one.

The ever sweet Ash (IG: @MsTantrum) from has tagged me to do this fun one, and here's my top picks that I'm reaching for lately. I haven't pictured all of them here. Sorry.

Favorite Perfume

I am loyal to no fragrance brand, and I use anything and everything right from Bath & Body Works fragrance mists to the high-end ones. Lately, I have brought out Givenchy Eau De Moiselle after many months from a corner in my cupboard. I love the old world charm it exudes from the flacon to its scintillating floral scent with hints of citrus. It gives a feeling of some "lady" from a different time. You'll know when you try it on.

I adore a couple of perfumes that I've saved up for VERY special occasions, because they're Limited Edition and discontinued. They're both having excellent sillage. Philosophy's Inner Grace is clean, fresh and beautiful. It's also discontinued and I don't know why. I was legit loyal to it. Another one of my absolute loves is The Body Shop's LE White Musk (Summer Glow) EDT. Its a citrusy take on their cult-favorite White Musk fragrance. AND it is better than their cult-favorite White Musk fragrance. Take my word for it. It was released for their Summer '13 & '14 campaign and they don't do it anymore.

Favorite Lipstick

The same goes with lipstick, I have no absolute favorite! But I do have a favorite color - I adore orangey-corals above every other color made for lips. ALL YEAR. It brings about a fresh, poppin' wake-me-up feeling. I know red lipstick does that for a lot of people, you put it on and look from drab to fab in seconds. For me, its orange. Its literally ME in a lip color. I'm fond of my YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #14 and currently loving the Colourpop Lippie Stix in Safari. 

Another one of my favoritest lip color, though not a coral, is Bourjois Rouge Velvet in #04 Peach Club. It allows me to try a bold lip without being too dark. And while I'm not a matte lip lover, this one helps me to rock a comfortable matte lip look sans the dryness/crusty-ness. 

Favorite Blush

Peachy-corals again. My favorite-est blush ever was Bourjois Pot Blush in #72 Tomette a true orange. I haven't repurchased it again as I want to try different brands. I still go for orangey, peachy-pinks and neutrals. I can never try a bright color for cheeks, LOL. I'm currently loving Essence blush in Adorable (a light pink with satin finish) and Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Holiday (a matte peachy-pink). They are fresh and oh-so-summery.

Favorite Clothing Item

Maxi dresses. Hands down. Always. Forever. They're my favorite item to wear, and if a clothing item could define me, its a maxi dress. I think it keeps me modest enough whilst being trendy. I have an ever-growing collection, and am totally proud of it. I usually go for flowing ones & I only own a single body-hugging one and its the least worn. If I'm not rocking a maxi dress, it will be a flowing maxi skirt with shirts tucked in. I don't have any superior fashion sense, I wear them all year round.

Favorite TV Show

I am not a TV "addict" though I do watch quite a lot of it. But I repeat, I am NOT an addict. I enjoy watching the classic Friends, and would watch its episodes repeatedly. I used to watch Castle a few years ago, left it mid-season when I traveled. Didn't bother catching up. I watch Game Of Thrones without fail as soon as it airs come spring. I am a GoT addict, not TV! LOL. I like the Community series as well. I usually do a marathon watch on any of these.

When it comes to Asian dramas, I enjoy Pakistani serials more than Indian for their stories. They finish faster, are to the point without that unnecessary background music and countless head-turns. A couple of them that have stayed with me throughout the years are Mastana Mahi and Humsafar. And I mostly watch any Indian serial that's playing on the TV to get any ideas for traditional clothing, and jewellery. Their stories are anyway bullsh*t. LOL.

Favorite Movie

Hmm, I don't believe I'm a movie addict either. I'm mostly a book addict so I usually am loyal to their movie series-counterparts. Like Harry Potter. I absolutely love The Sound of Music and I sing-along to all the songs in my scraggly voice without a care in the world. In Bollywood, I have countless favorites but not THE ultimate one yet.

Favorite Drink

Water. Coconut water. Flavored Milk. Fresh Juices. My absolute favorites are a Chickoo milkshake, Mango Smoothie, Avocado Smoothie, Carrot Juice and Pineapple Juice. Everything fresh - no sugar added. Since some of these items are seasonal, I freeze them for all-year use. Yay me. I might have a soft drink once in 3-4 months. Usually an orange soda or limonchello. I stay away from everything fizzy. 

Favorite Food

Ahh, now we're talking eh? Potatoes are my love. I can eat anything and everything made with potatoes. You fry, bake, roast, boil or you gimme raw and I'll eat it. Okay, maybe not the last one. A baked potato with cheese, please?

In terms of cuisine, I love my desi food. Especially thaalis like Rajasthani, Gujarati and Punjabi thaalis. They're a food lovers' delight. I'm also a South Indian addict for Dosa, Medu Vadas and Uttapam. Going international my favorite choice is (of course) Italian. All that creamy, cheesy goodness is Fayhalicious approved. If I'm not interested in cooking any traditional desi khana, its gonna be pasta. 

Whoa, that's pretty much it. I loved writing this tag and instead of "Summer" Lovin', it turned out be my All Time Favorites tag. But that's me. I am not really seasonal with my lifestyle choices. I only put on a thick, woollen coat in winter, otherwise I'm pretty much the same.

I took too long to write this tag, and summer's pretty much over. (Not here, its another month until the weather turns in Kuwait!). Anyone can do the tag though. I love reading insider stories of my fave bloggers!

Hope you enjoyed this!


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